Weekend Update

Remember me saying that I had come up with a safe way to eat pot luck? Yea , well… it wasn’t foulproof and I won’t EVER participate again!

I spent my Friday night, throwing up red liquid, bits and pieces of strawberries and lettuce.

I was not a happy camper.

~ My limited edition Juicey Couture Sidekick II died this weekend. I am officially in mourning. I loved-ed-ed-did-ed that phone… I will miss her soooo much…

They are sending a III to replace it… I don’t know how I feel about that, though. Now if they were sending the D. Wade Limited edition White/Gold III then I’d be overjoyed!

We’ll see how well that goes over… It’ll never take the place of my II, but I guess I have to move on… (sigh)

~ I found Ian’s gifts… I hope he likes them, but if he doesn’t and we do a return (like we usually do) there’s this purse in Kenneth Cole that has MY NAME written all over it. I’m serious… it was begging me to take it home… I promised her that I would be back for her. 🙂

~ The menu has been decided for Ian’s party. Shrimp Po-Boys, Fries, Cake and Ice Cream. So, at some point this week, I will be peeling a shitload of shrimp *insert eyeroll*.

I can’t wait to bake his cake… it’s going to be goooooooood. I will put pics up from the “party”

~ I hope YOUR weekend was a good one.
And I will 9/10 be a blogging fool until tuesday evening when my phone arrives.

~ oh, and a little birdie told me that my fav online spot will be back up soon. 😀 Whoohooo!


  1. Girl I canNOT believe your stomach got tore up AND your phone died on the same weekend!!

    Yeah u didn’t have the best time!

    So how about YOU call me! LOL ;o)

    Sounds good @ online hangout I had something I wanted to post today and realized I couldn’t! LOL

    So I am gonna have to call ya! HAHA!

  2. I spent my Friday night, throwing up red liquid, bits and pieces of strawberries and lettuce.
    -Ewwwwww! Reading this gave me a visual. You shared just a little too much. Lol

    -I did not realize the phone was a Limited Edition Juicey Couture…I’m done!

    How you going to return that man’s gifts and buy yourself a purse? Not right.

    -Save me a po’boy, dressed, no sauce please! *big grin* And send me a piece of cake so I will have something to eat with this blue bell. Yeah, I’m rubbing it in again.

  3. Mayne, imma need you to know better than participate in the office SHITluck. I learned a long time ago, if they say “Let me go get the potato salad out of the car” and its noon…yeah, im not playing that game. Sorry you got sick, lemme know if I need to check some chins sis.

  4. I have a Sidekick III and I LOVE it! Hopefully you will fall in love with yours, too! (Though I wouldn’t mind having that D.Wade myself!)

    This post totally made me lose my appetite…you owe me a dinner!

    I’m not gonna comment on you returning gifts and getting yourself a purse….but it SO sounds like something I would do!!! LOL!

  5. Wait wait wait!!
    U got a gift u know he don’t want…..
    So u can get a purse? Damn! That’s messed up.
    Sorry bout the phone and the friday night vomit.
    I’m sure u can get ur hubby to get that
    D wade phone for you ( I’m sure u can )


  6. See I really didn’t need to know about the sick and what you were regurgitatin! Not cool!

    I need a Po’ Boy! Now you know the best are down here in the boot! You better come on down and get one!

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