Now what Suckas!

~ I am finished with all my work until the 15th of the month!!!! Ya girl has officially earned her salary. Don’t Play!!

~ The date is March 8, 2008… from Miami

~ T-mobile is the only company that carries the sidekick :p… Free Mobile to Mobile is wassup though!

~ I had McD’s today for lunch and it hasn’t made me sick yet! Yea

~ I’ve had to NOT log in… so I can get some work done…

~ Yahoo mail beta is acting up… I no likes that

~ God still hears a sinners prayer!

~ Some of these clients are skrait-up nutso wacko’s!!!

~ My coworker is mad with me. I told him that I was aggravated because he always calls in and comes in late, and as a result I have to see his clients. (I don’t want to deal with my own). So he asked me if it mattered that he’s out because his kids are sick and that he’s not just out shooting the breeze. And I was NOPE!

I mean it would be different if you did your work when you are here. But you shoot the shit all day long when you are here, voicemail full, you don’t return calls, which is why your clients are always walking in on you without an appointment. Then you schedule appointsment and call in on the day that you have them. And you wonder why I have no words for you when you come back.

I get paid ONE salary. I want to do ONE persons job. It’s not my fault that I am organized and do my work.


~ Anywhoo… 10/20 say YES! 😀

~ Rain rain go away, come back another day.

~ He know he is getting some dark.. The sun is tanning that azz with a vengence! lol 😉

~ Ringing phones make my skin crawl…. That particular lady was nice… but you just never know what will be on the other end when you pick up!

~ Why is it that you can never find an umbrella when you need one?!

~ Did I mention I need to go shopping?!…. I should add that I also need shopping MONEY!

~ My auntie threatened to come to stl and whoop my azz! why was I scared a lil bit?! lmao

~ 1st impressions… you only get one chance

~ I feel like baking

~ Jump in… Jump out… introduce yourself… My name Patrice… Yea…. LMAO….and Nope I wasn’t a cheerleader

~ It’s Hump Day! 2 days to go!!! We can make it!

Have a great day

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  1. ~Deja Vu @ coworker/kids rant! haha!

    “I get paid ONE salary. I want to do ONE persons job”

    I know THAT’s RIGHT!

    ~ “10/20 say YES! :D” = 5 will really go!! :op

    ~See that is why you did caller ID at work! I screen BIG time! LOL

    ~Yes we can make it!

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