Sure Smells Good

Guess what I did yesterday?!?

Made my 1st batch of candles since leaving New Orleans :d I’m very excited and my house smells AWESOME! I made Strawberry kiwi votive’s last night.

They came out very well, but they still aren’t at the quality that I usually crank out. My former customers would say I’ve slipped ;). lol It’s OK though. I’m entitled to be a bit rusty after all this time.

For the time being… until I gather more supplies and get back in my groove… the candles will be for my house only. (although I did bring 2 for Peaches) Who knows, maybe one day in the not so distant future, I’ll be known as the “candle lady”.

Anyway.. it’s Friday… it’s raining… I’m happy and smiling… Sending sunshine wishes to all of you.


  1. How do you make them?

    Gimme a how-to DIY crash course.

    Pweeeeleeezzz, with cherries on top?

    Its raining here too but Im not complaing… cause some birds pooped on my dang car. Need nature to wash it off cause I aint touching that!

  2. I will start calling you “The Candle Lady” now. You can hook a sista up for her birthday. Anything vanilla is good by me. *smile*

    Or…I could just try making my own candles…but 2 candle ladies is no good.

  3. My birthday is at the end of August, therefore you’ve got over 3 months to get my gift basket together 😀

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