Look @ What I Dug Up!

I was clearing some files from my pc, stumbled across some pics I’d taken of a customers order before I gave them to her.

Hopefully I’ll be back to to this level or better soon. I mainly focused on container candles, lotions and bath soap. This time I’m starting out with molded candles (votives, pillars, chunk). With plans to add containers and the soap at a later date.

Right now i’m still in practice mode, working out the kinks. I’ll post some pics of my current work later. But for now enjoy! Too bad there isn’t smell~o~vision 😀


  1. Smell-o-vison! :o) Cute!

    I do smell (pun intended)a business woman get back in the saddle again! WHOA!!

    You can practice on me too! :oD

  2. I visited the site… I dont wanna do it my first time by my self… I did look at the soap one too…

    how come if you get lye on you it burns but you put it in soap and it dont? Im polly over analyzing… Ok nvm…. let me know when I can place orders.. 🙂

  3. You made those?? WOW!!! They are nice!!! Ok…well let me think of what I want to place an order!! Keep up the good work!!!

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