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Happy Birthday President Truman!

I was off from work today 😀 all thanks to Pres Truman being born in the state of Missouri. I ain’t mad at all.

I forgot to turn of my internal clock so I woke up at the regular time, no biggie though… Grabbed my pillow and blanket and set up shop on the sofa 🙂 and this is where I’ve been all day. lol

I did get up to make some candles, I tried my hand at chunk votives. For my 1st shot they came out pretty good. They are French Vanilla. Next time I have to work on getting my colors darker. Who knew that was such a feat. I have a set of regular French Vanilla votives cooling down now.

I was telling Niecy that I’d started making candles again, and even though I’m not really ready for them to be released to the general public, she asked if I could make her some for a church retreat that she is attending. Of course I said I would. So I guess it’s safe to assume I’m on my way to being the Candle Lady again.

I need a new name… Candle Lady… sounds like the old lady that sold frozen cups (icebergs, huckabucks) on the block. You know the one with the rollers and the duster. lol… I am not that lady! not yet anyway 😉

I’m open for suggestions

Anyway… so far I’ve made chunky French Vanilla (sounds like an ice cream flavor, huh?) French Vanilla/no chunks, Strawberry Vanilla, Mango Papaya, and Mango Papaya w/Clean Cotton.
The last one was me experimenting.. It smells good though, sweet but clean.. lol

I need to place a new order for wax and a new mold (3×3 circular) and some new fragrances. Picking fragrances is like going to a shoe store and only being allowed to pick 2 pair but you see 15pair that you Really like! lol

Anywhoo… that’s all I have for now


We’re having Mother’s Day at my MIL’s house. Yall can start praying now! hehehe! Just playing… well…go head a send a prayer up 😉

Lata Gata!


  1. WAIT!!! LOL too funny! HAHA!

    Sends a prayer up for ya!

    I am so THRILLED that you are doing candles again! You know I love seeing people doing something they enjoy!!

    That Mango Papaya w/ Clean Cotton does sound good!!

    Glad you decided to see above the wax to blog!! :op

  2. Hey I got some names but I want my 5% lol

    PJ Essentials (sp)
    Lite Scents
    PAJ Aromas

    lol ok I tried might be to corny.

    Anyway…send me a order sheet and a price list. K-Thx-Bye lol.

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