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I finally finished the candles for Niecy’s retreat. Annnnnnddddd I took pics. I sooo wish that yall could smell them! I might need to get yall’s addresses so I can mail you one. lol


This will be my 1st time getting meeting Niecy. We met on ivillage back in august or September last year. We’ve been emailing each other since then everyday Monday ~ Friday. We’ve been trying to meet up, but our schedules just haven’t meshed. Anywhoo, I get to meet her and get my 1st reaction. I think she’ll like it though.

Note to self: ORDER MORE WAX!

What are your favorite scents for candles?

I need to place an order… but I have a lot of choices… maybe tomorrow I can get a list posted of my choices and see what’s most popular.

Ebz, you had better answer the question! lol

5 thoughts on “Completion…

  1. I like …

    Cran- Berry
    Ummm anything Berry
    Vanilla and Strawberries (I think its called cream something…

    Oh and anything Fresh Airy and clean smelling.

    Umm I prolly didnt help in your selection process, if I have to narrow it down…


    K thats it. lol

  2. Those are excellent!!!

    Personally, I like vanilla, cucumber melon, creme brule (gotta find that one for me 😉 ), and that sweet/clean one you created sounds interesting also.

  3. Hooooo!!! Im getttin me a candle!!! I’ll send you my addy. I’ll send you some cookies as payment :o)

    I likes

    Ocean/Fresh air/Rain Scents

  4. OhhOoh! Did you say mail 1 candle?


    I like cucumber melon as well! :o)
    Lavendar is lovely too!

  5. Yes, V…she said 1 candle. lol

    Ummm, I love vanilla scented candles. I also like hazlenut, and cinnamon.

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