Pizza Burns!

~ I burned the roof of my mouth last night eating pizza. I did it with the 1st bite, but that did not stop me from immediately going back for more. The fat girl in me was like “screw the pain, and blisters, EAT the PIZZA!” lol. So for the next couple of days I’ll be on cold/cool soft foods. πŸ™

~ Got home yesterday and he had spit shined both cars! πŸ™‚ Sylvia is glistening!

~ When you work with a bunch of women, all it takes is for one person to see you talking to a man more that once, and that means you’re “involved” with him. Old biddies, need to get a life :p Yet ANOTHER reason I stay in my cube

~ I really like getting mail. On the rare day when I don’t have mail, it kinda makes me sad. lol

~ I’m ready to go!

~ I’m absolutely starving… only b/c I know my food intake is limited.

~ Mountains are meant to be climbed!

~ I was invited to a luau sunday… did I mention that already?.. if I did, oh well

~ Saw this linen sundress in Le’ Target, I think I’m going to get it.

~ I need register for next semester. I am sooo sick of school, but I gotta keep pressing on. (sigh)

~ What God has for me is for Me!

~ I’m expecting 3 packages in the mail this week! πŸ˜€ I’m muy excited

~ I’m tripping off the fact the my momma has a “friend”. It really just skeeves me out. ewww

~ aite, I’m going for something slimy to eat. OOOOHHH!!! I could get ICE CREAM!




  1. I would have done the same thing lol! You don’t let no good pizza go to waste lol. Speaking of which, I think that’s what I want for lunch…

  2. “I got some ice cream and you don’t have none!” (Eddie Murphy) HA!

    Yep climb Mt. School and get it done girl!

    I love when I get personal mail/packages – even if it is something I ordered! :o)

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