~ I have been getting some serious rest at night. I swear I don’t what it is, but I have been sleeping like a little baby. Waking up refreshed and rejuvenated. Been on time for work after stopping for breakfast. My morning road rage has subsided, just a little bit 🙂 I’m still giving folks the evil eye when I pass them doing 85! lol

~ I really don’t have anything to rant about today. I haven’t been doing much of anything. I’m waiting on some more supplies for my candles, No crazy client tales (shocking huh!), even crazier No crazy Husband stories lol

~ I will prolly have some work drama kicking off soon though. For 3rd month in a row, I have been assigned as back up for yet another SLACKER FUCKUP! This one is the worst of the bunch though. She is literally her 1 day out of 7 buisness days. Today alone I’ve been called down to see 2 of her clients, completed 1 telephone interview, 1 mail in application, and it’s not even lunch time!

i’m trying to be cool… but that pisses me off.. b/c my other team mates think b/c I bitch about seeing other peoples clients, I’m not a “team player”. Whatdafukeva… In order for it to be a “team” I need other players!
I don’t mind helping out, really I don’t, But with coworkers like her it’s beyond helping. I’m doing HER job, and SHE’s getting paid for it!

Well i need to go… they just called me for yet another client.

And, you guessed it….

not MY client

Yall should go ahead and start praying now…


  1. Good to know all is well. We just gotta work on PEACE at work.
    Get you some prayer beads like Rev Runs brother.
    Lol. Just don’t slap anybody with a Subway sandwich.

  2. ^^^ Yeah I agree at PEACE at work.
    I am prayer for myself now as I speak! LOL

    “In order for it to be a “team” I need other players!” ~ For real!!

    But on the other fronts quite is really good!

  3. I so feel you on the concept of team player…it takes a team to begin with. Hopefully things will get better. Peace, love, and sooooul!

  4. Hey P!!!

    Team Player? Ha! That’s the biggest joke at work. Hell team players are me, myself and I *and no I’m not crawling on the floor like Beyonce, no teling when they last shampooed this carpet*

  5. Mahoghany, in btwn those 2 paragraphs my supervisor dropped the new buddy list on my desk!

    And that is why I KNOW I need JESUS!
    Imagine if I didn’t know Him? Hmph!

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