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It’s Monday

Soon as I walked into the office I heard them calling my name, well actually calling for the walk-in worker for my teammate. She’s not here again today. She was here 1 day last week.

Anywhoo, I go down to see the client, call his name… NOTHING..So I ask the ladies in reception to page him over the loud speaker… NOTHING. Since I was already downstairs, they gave me a new application. So I’m seeing my new client, when I hear them paging me again. No problem, I figure I’ll be finish with this client in less than 10 mins and I can just take the guy after this.


Why when I go back to the lobby and call his name, NO ANSWER. I have the ladies page him again, NO ANSWER. I head back up the stairs and as soon as I sit down they page me again. I call down the clerk says Mr. Vincent is back.

Ok, No problem! I get up go back downstairs… Why is he NOT there!!

WTH, I mean Keep Yo Azz Still!

~~ Weekend Update ~~

I went to a graduation party for my friend Niecy’s nephew. He’s a Criminal Justice Major. We arrived and I was immediately embraced in genuine and sincere hugs, none of that limp handshaking, or fake chuch hugging hugs. I mean real hugs like I was Family! That made me feel all warm and tingly inside.

Anywhoo, Yall know how “we” can be, party starts at 4, people get there at 5ish. lol So when the rest of the family and friends arrived food was served, conversations had, laughter bouncing off the walls. The food was good too! The cake was muy bueno!

Well, the family kinda did something that stuck me as odd. You know how when someone dies and they have a memorial service and everyone gets up and has great and wonderful things to say about the dearly departed, but when they were alive and lived 5mins away they never saw each other…

Yea, well they each got up and started saying how Proud they were of the Graduate, and How much they Loved him, and appreciated him, and How good of a friend, and example, and mentor, and christ-like he was/is.

I thought that was the MOST BEAUTIFUL thing ever!

How many times have you seen family band together to honor one another in genuine sincerity?! Me? Not too many.

It was a wonderful party and they are a lovely family and whether they like it or not, I’ve adopted them! lol
I made more candles but these are just plain ole Strawberry Candles. I made 2 3×4 Pillars, 2 votives,and 4 Tealights. The House smells amazing!

I’m kinda thinking I should have a Candle party, but 1st I need to finish making samples. It’s taking me longer than I’d like, but I want to make a few of all the fragrances I have.

For lunch today, I’m going check out this local company that carries candle making supplies. If they carry the same materials I use at the same price, that would be awesome. It would eliminate the shipping and handling!

Oh! I almost forgot…I got some Shea Butter Soap base last night 😀 I made ONE bar of soap lol just for me. (How selfish is that?!) I put some French Vanilla Fragrance in it and waited patiently for it to set! before I took my shower. lol I smelled delicious 😉 I got up this morning, like He betta not be done used my soap LMAO.. He hadn’t, so I jumped in and took another shower before heading out for work this morning. And yall know I’m a shutterbug, so b4 I used It, I tied a bow around and took a picture. LOL
Have a Great Day!


  1. OMG, I would have killed Mr. Vincent!! I would have hid behind the fake potted floor plant, and jumped out on him jungle style after shooting him with a poison tipped arrow lol!! Got you waitin and runnin up and down steps or on and off the elevator!! Sorry, it was your client not mine lol. Got a lil emotional lol.

  2. See now you’re just teasing…Vanilla Shea Butter Soap…Me want!

    Glad that you’ve found an adoptive family…can never have too much family…then again…lol

    Yeah, what was up with ol’ boy disappearing and reappearing? You never saw him right? Maybe they were playing a practical joke on you? How odd.

  3. Still haven’t found Mr. Vincent! Watch he comes in tomorrow ackin a fool!

    K, I got you 😉

  4. I am lovin how your blog is turning into a craft blog too! YEAH!!!! Hahaha!! :oD

    See you are dipping your feet back into making soap again! Love it!

    You MUST do a candle/soap party!!! WHOA!

    Ur uh yes, that is out of the norm for me too – my family would NEVER come together and say nice things about each other OUT LOUD (even though they may think it)….say that is very sad. They have a hard time expressing themselves in a positive way. Even in “receiving” positive too….

    It is a beautiful thing when you witness it and are a part of it too! That is what just touches my soul!

  5. Oh and yeah you were dead WRONG for making one bar! HA! Delay my package and slide one more item up in there! ;o)

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