Hump Day!

~ You would NOT believe who showed up today! You guessed it Mr. Vincent. Yea the guy I talked about on Monday who kept signing in and disappearing. Yes! him! lol
When I got down stairs I asked him “Where were you going?! Why did you keep leaving?” to which he replied “Oh, I was going sit in my car”

smh, lmao… Got him all squared away and he’s good for at least 6months.

~ Got a phone call on my cell this morning… looked down saw the call said unavailable. Well I’m like most folks, I don’t answer “Unavailable/Unknown” calls. So I let it roll to voice mail. Well, then I see I have a message.

I call my voice mail and listen to one of my family members say

” Hey Trice, my phone is off and i’m calling from (says friends name)cell. I need $200 to pay my light bill. Please call me back today or my lights will be cut off”

Now normally I would swoop in a save the day, especially since I have a weekend trip to New Orleans planned. I just wouldn’t have gone and used that money to help them out. Well I called the hubby and was talking to him and he goes “is she working?” and I say “NO”. Then he goes “has she worked since the storm?” and I go “no”. Then he says “Isn’t FEMA still paying her rent?” and I go “Yes” and he says “did she get like $15,000 after the storm?” and i go “She sure did” and then he say “nah, we can’t help”.

And for a minute I felt kinda bad, because I ALWAYS help. Do whatever needs to be done and make it happen for them. But then I got to thinking. After Katrina all I got from FEMA was $2000.00 and since then I’ve only been out of work for 3months and I was still getting a check from my job in New Orleans during that time frame. I’ve scrimped and saved and budgeted and made due with what I had. We didn’t get the GREAT handouts from the government (not b/c we were too proud, but b/c they said no).

At this point I started getting a bit pissed, b/c several in my family have been milking the government and STIll have nothing to show for it. And yet you call me for help?!

I know my saying No, will result in my name being drug through the mud, but dammit get up and get a damn JOB! Be responsible for yourself.

~ I kinda want some Ice cream, but I had cereal for breakfast and I know that the milk will TEAR MY STOMACH UP!!!! lol It would not be pleasant.

~ I need to pack. Trina, Kay, Cille I’m coming home! 😀

~ Oooh, I know I will have to go on a strick diet when I come back. I already know. I soooo plan to get my EAT ON!! Don’t play!

~ Aite, I’m going read blogs and respond to emails and stuff and thang!

Have a wonderful wednesday 🙂


  1. Oh, so Mr. Vincent is real. Girl, for a minute there I thought you were hearing things. Lol

    Girl, What?! He was going to sit in his car. LMAO!

    What?! Just picked up the phone and asked for $200…and why wait until the last minute to call? Wow, I don’t blame Ian. You works hard for the money. Don’t feel bad…sometimes we just have to let them learn to stand on their own two feet.

    I want some ice cream too. Trying to limit sweets to weekends only.

    So you’re going to the NO…Girl, bring back me some gumbo. Thanks!

  2. LOL @ Vincent! Hot Mess! :op

    Girl you did the right thing! For real!! Glad Mr. Ian pointed it out to you.

    Ur uh yeah…I don’t know what I have been eating but I have been hurting myself at work! LMAO!!

    I wanna pack up and go! Take me with you!!

    We need to talk on the horn soon! :oD


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