Thic Girl Thursday


Could someone please tell me why?

If you are a supervisor at a government agency, that just so happens to have a subscription to the weekly periodical The St Louis American, Why you would give them permission to post your picture above the title of the newpaper… When you are doing a FULL SPLIT!

Yes, At my job this supervisor brought attention to herself when she tried to intercept the delivery of the weeks St Louis American.

She apparently was the winner of last weeks “Thic Girl Thursday Contest”.

Of course the office is buzzing with the news. Even the illiterate folks are rushing around trying to get pics of it.

Here’s the link:

Look at the section in the bottom right corner under “This Week’s Front Page”


  1. I love the subtitle next to the pic “You asked for it you got it…” I think that says it all!! ROFLMBAO!!!

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