Good Day Chaps (I said that in my best British accent)

~ I am so sleepy today. My body rebels against me pulling all nighters. But that couldn’t possibly mean i’m getting old.

~ I am boycotting fastfood for the entire week. Which translates to me bring lunch. Yall, I haven’t brought my lunch and actually eaten it in MONTHS! $6 here $7 there. Way I see it is eating out is my treat for coming to work everyday. Especially if I get here on time.

Anyway, I have a bunch of little microwavable thingies, and I bring a bunch of snacks. So I’m good.

Well Actually, I’m was almost a little bit weak this morning. I had to take a different route, which brought me pass a Panera Bread. I could here those cobblestone muffins crying out for me. It hurt to pass the driveway.

~ Whatever happened to Trinity57?

~ One Zoe, Life’s Sweet Pleasures, Calliope Candles. LOL

~ I don’t want to go visit her, but I know she would love to see me, I pray I can keep it together while I’m there.

~ My rings need to be cleaned, I have like a years worth of dirt,soap,lotion, and stuff all in the darn thing. It’s kinda grossing me out.

~ Ocean breeze should be blue.

~ I don’t want to dial 7032. Call somebody else.

~ Wake up singing hallelujah! In the morning time.. in the morning time…. (i’m prolly the only one who knows that song)

~ I miss New Orleans Bounce music.

~ 21 days… to start or break a habit.

~ I have 2 toilet brushes, one for the toilet, one for the shower walls.

~ Painting, making candles, having sex relaxes me.

~ When I’m in the car by myself, I turn the music up as loud as I can and sing! I also use my seatbelt as a guitar. I’m the BEST guitar player ever.

~ I can pick up things with my toes. It’s earned me the moniker “Monkey Feet”

~ Where does cancer come from?

~ She makes me smile.

~ We have a new team member. Why can I see her thong?

~ If Mr. Marks, walks in w/o an appt or calling, Shouldn’t he have to wait?

~ Fantasia’s new cd… I likes…alot

~ It’s too early to start my b-day countdown publicly… but privately I’ve been counting down since May 1st 🙂

~ I don’t want to work for someone else for the rest of my life.

~ I’m thirsty.

~I’m going see Mr. Marks 🙂

Cherio ole pals (Again, in my British accent) lol



  1. I have like a years worth of dirt,soap,lotion, and stuff all in the darn thing.
    -Ewwww! And yes I am saying it like a 10 year old girl would. Lol

    -I miss New Orleans Bounce music.
    -Girl, lol. It’s not the same, but you can youtube “The Cupid Shuffle”. Lol I hate this song by the way, not a fan of shuffles either.

    ~ 21 days… to start or break a habit.
    -That’s what they say…so let’s see if I can form the habit of drinking my recommended quantity of water in the next three weeks.

    Why are you picking up things with your toes. *scratches temple in confusion*

  2. ~ We have a new team member. Why can I see her thong?

    *what color is it, and is she cute?!

  3. *Shock!* U not eating out everyday??? Stop it!! LOL

    ~ If it was always determine if I “treated” myself to lunch if I was on time…ur uh I would NEVER get eat out! ROTFL!

    ~ I LOVE LOVE LOVE Panera Bread!!:oD

    ~ And you are right were is Trinit 5:7?!? They were the GURLS!

    ~ I am really going to need for you to get those rings cleaned…..years? Ewww!

    ~ Mmh never thought about a toliet bowl brush on the shower walls. That ‘would’ work! :op

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