Weekend Update

~ It rained off and on all day long. Dark cloudy skies, then Amazing sunlight, then dark cloudy skies. All day long. I’ll be glad when this system passes.

~ I got my nails and toes done today. The color on my nails Opi Hearts & Tarts.. on my toes Opi Will You Mariachi Me?… You like? lol

~ Went to Micheal’s today… wandered into the yarn section, bought some lol

~ Spent the rest of the evening on the couch crocheting. I’m making a throw blanket for the sofa. :)This is what I finished so far. You like?

~ I’m not even craving any fast food. I’m shooting for another week!

~ Wonder who bought the new RKelly disc, so I can pirate it? lol

~ Aiming to attend church via the web. I hope it works.

~ I have a few more candles to make… I’m pacing myself… They will all be finished by tomorrow afternoon.

~ Two Can Play That Game is in my top 10 movies.

~ The girl at the nail salon asked if I had a texturizer… lol I’m gonna take that as a compliment

~ I like being pampered. Especially when I’ve had a string of not so good days.

~ I wonder what the turn out was for the fake ass STL Jazz

~ My new favorite series “Big Love”

~ I hope Tyler Perry’s TV show is good.

~ I’m ready for Big Brother to return.

~ I should buy stock in Tmobile

~ I am not interested in working for someone else the rest of my life… ugh

~ I say “I” alot… does that make me selfish..

~ I don’t think so.

~ I’m getting off this thing.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


  1. Ummm fake jazz fest? Fake? Why does it have to be fake? lol Can’t wait to read your blog about Sunday!

  2. I like the Opi Will You Mariachi Me?, now that is so my speed. I don’t like anything bright.

    Look at your, a crotchetier and a candle maker. Go head girl!

    I tried attending church via the web…yeah…

    LMAO! Leave the STL Jazzfest alone. LOL!

    I need to buy stock in Tmobile with you, especially the way my mother goes over her allotted minutes.

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