Time Flies

~ Last time I looked the clock it was 10something. Time flew by today. And I worked everybit of it. Tomorrow I rest.

~ Blahzay Blahzay

~ Sunday we went to the Taste of Clayton, it was an interesting evening.

The bad: There were 3 bands to perform, the 1st two were okay, the last one! lawd have murcy! Don;’t get me wrong the dude had a nice voice and all, but for the life of me I couldn’t figure out if he was comedian as well. smh.

The good: The weather was absolutely gorgeous, I got a little tan, hung out with Niecy and her hubby (they are hilarious together)! Nothing like hanging out with like minded folks. We have to do it again.

NOT the Taste… but just hang out. They couldn’t pay me enough to do the Taste of Clayton.

~ Funeral arrangements are finalized.

~ I broke down today and got Mc’D’s for lunch.:(

~ I’m a bit behind on reading/commenting on my fellow bloggers. I’ll catch up oneday.

~ Coworker thinks something is wrong with me, Said my i’ve withdrawn. Why? Because I haven’t called him stupid at all today.

~ Ever ride in the car without any music or background noise? Sometimes I do. You couldn’t possibly imagine all the things that run through my mind when there’s nothing to distract me.

~ What are you passionate about?

~ I feel like i’ll be in school forever, sometimes. Wish I could go during the day.

~ Someone stole the blue highlighter off my desk. Punks!

~ I watched Charm School marathon this weekend.. lawd! those gurls are ridiculus lol

~ Saw bits and pieces of the Prez debate.

~ Red beans, red beans in a pot… lol

~ Wonder why they don’t make the brads in Hot Pink?

~ I’m half way finish my blanket 🙂

~ aite I’m outtie

Have a good day!

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