R T’s

~ I was almost run off the road by a sleepy 18 wheel truck driver!

~ It’s funny how people always try to run me over when i’m NOT on the cell texting.

~ BubbleGum & BlowPop’s

~ Hell’s Kitchen…. What were they crying about?! Lawd err’body just snotting and crying. like dude are you really that big of a punk. Chef Ramsey is funny though.

~ I can’t sign in to YIM for some strange reason.

~ I have 106 myspace friends,last night I was like I can’t possibly know ALL these people. Well I went through trying to purge the list… deleted maybe 3ppl.

~ I check myspace only when someone sends me a message or makes a comment.

~ Church Raffle’s… isn’t that like gambling? just asking

~ I want to take some a sign language class. I’m sooo rusty. I used to be able to hold a bootleg conversation in it. Now! I all I know is restroom, eat, bullshit, bitch, bastard. lol What does that say about me? i still know I Love You.

~ Her little babydoll dress is cute…even though the fabric looks like if she gets enough friction it will burst into flames.

~ Monkey Feet… Yo mama!

~ Sometimes I can be such a dunce.

~ Saw a Chevy Aveo this morning in this really cute pastel green. Reminded me of the lime skittles

~ I hate post offices.

~ Gumbo YaYa

~ Remember NORD summer camps?

~ Flip Flops and Diamond Rings

~ I still can’t sign into YIM.

~ I’m half way done with my blanket.

~ I don’t listen to the radio, b/c of the commercials.

~ Today I will catch up on my blogs.

~ Umbrella, ella, ella, a, a, a… under my um..brella

Have a good one!


  1. Girl! I am glad you are ok. God is Good!

    Yeah, I am still trying to figure out why err’ body was crying? Lol

    LOL! At church raffles…exactly! You are buying a ticket on the chance you might win something. Sounds like gambling to me.

    And you should to take a sign language class. I need to take a Spanish class. I really wish I would have kept up with it. But I have no excuse, I have a software program to help me along with that.

    ~ Umbrella, ella, ella, a, a, a… under my um..brella
    -You are so NOT my friend. UGH! Now her singing that in that constipated voice is stuck in my head. The horror!

    Have a good one.

  2. That aint nothin but God because if your texting your reflexes might be slower… 😉

    I only keep people on my friends list who I’ve actually had a conversation or two with. Oh and I’m right there with you on only checking when I get a message or a comment and even then sometimes I forget to check it.

    Chruch raffles are gambling!! I’m AME and its in the discipline that we can’t do them. I couldn’t even hold a silent auction just because they wanted to be on the safe side!!

    Ok the fact that you can only remember the bad words in sign lanuage is hilarious!! I’d be cursing people out and they wouldn’t even know it lol!!!

  3. @ebz… Yes ma’am I asked the instructor day 2 of class if she would look at list of words and show me the sign. hehehe

    @Keli, you teach me espanol i’ll teach you to sign.

    @ Erica… I know that’s right! i’ve been praying more than ever lately.

    @ Mohaghany…I do it all the time(cussing folks out in sign language)

  4. ~ Umbrella, ella, ella, a, a, a… under my um..brella

    That dang song is actually growing on me

    *In response to your comment on my blog:
    PAJNSTL said…
    I’s jealous…. I wanted to see Ms.Sula and L and eat at Wings and More and see Mr Brooks.

    ~although for a minute I thought Mr. Brooks was code for something freaky deeky.

    lol, you’re silly…you know there can be no freaky deeky between L and I

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