Goody Goody!

I got 2 packages today in the mail!!!! Have I ever mentioned how much I love packages and getting personal mail.

Well today I got a painting from EBZ and Cookies from MahoghanyBrown.

The painting is beautiful! Can’t wait to get a frame
and the Cookies…. let’s just say I need to start some kinda work out regime NOW!!!!

Thanks ladies!

10 thoughts on “Goody Goody!

  1. Forget House of Payne…House of Johnsons is on HIT! Yall are too funny. You need a show!!!

  2. Two packages in 1 day! You got some great goodies!

    Sweet Potatoe cookies….wow!!!
    And you know I love the purples in that painting (as you smear cookie crumbs all over it! LOL).

    Hey I was waiting on a special delivery from STL….mmmhh wonder what happened??? :op

  3. @KJ… I see you have btw House of Payne was not all that good.

    @Virtuous.. hush it! lol leave me and my cookies crumbs alone :p And it’s coming.

  4. Yayyyyy!!!! Videos are always cool. But damn did you share any cookies with Hubbyman? LMAO.

    Ok So I found someone else to stalk…. Miss Brown maybe I can get some chocholate chocholate chip cookies>>>>>> going to stalk now byeeee.

  5. Too silly. “Take a piece of the damn cookie”, ha! Note, you never stopped eating the cookie while he was filming. lol

    I might need to start hitting up people for some goodies. Nice painting, and its an original. How many people can say that.

  6. LMAO! I loved that video. “Why is you all in my face?! Turn it offf!”
    Then you try to have a serious face! LOL

    It was cool seeing a live version of you. Now I know what you sound like when I read your blogs!

    More videos!

  7. @ebz…hubbyman was/is SOL on cookies lol.. He gotta get his own lol j/k I shared.

    @Keli… chile, you wouldnt

    @Ms Lee… there is one other video that I made, it’s me harassing him while he was destroying the bathroom. If I can get it off his phone I’ll post it.

    @Nashi… You already knew that :-p

    Thx everyone for the comments.. I ‘precriate them.

  8. yao ming son. The cookies are fiya. Now, if i can get a painting, some candles, and some more cookies, we will be in business. 🙂

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