Goody Goody!

I got 2 packages today in the mail!!!! Have I ever mentioned how much I love packages and getting personal mail.

Well today I got a painting from EBZ and Cookies from MahoghanyBrown.

The painting is beautiful! Can’t wait to get a frame
and the Cookies…. let’s just say I need to start some kinda work out regime NOW!!!!

Thanks ladies!


  1. Forget House of Payne…House of Johnsons is on HIT! Yall are too funny. You need a show!!!

  2. Two packages in 1 day! You got some great goodies!

    Sweet Potatoe cookies….wow!!!
    And you know I love the purples in that painting (as you smear cookie crumbs all over it! LOL).

    Hey I was waiting on a special delivery from STL….mmmhh wonder what happened??? :op

  3. @KJ… I see you have btw House of Payne was not all that good.

    @Virtuous.. hush it! lol leave me and my cookies crumbs alone :p And it’s coming.

  4. Yayyyyy!!!! Videos are always cool. But damn did you share any cookies with Hubbyman? LMAO.

    Ok So I found someone else to stalk…. Miss Brown maybe I can get some chocholate chocholate chip cookies>>>>>> going to stalk now byeeee.

  5. Too silly. “Take a piece of the damn cookie”, ha! Note, you never stopped eating the cookie while he was filming. lol

    I might need to start hitting up people for some goodies. Nice painting, and its an original. How many people can say that.

  6. LMAO! I loved that video. “Why is you all in my face?! Turn it offf!”
    Then you try to have a serious face! LOL

    It was cool seeing a live version of you. Now I know what you sound like when I read your blogs!

    More videos!

  7. @ebz…hubbyman was/is SOL on cookies lol.. He gotta get his own lol j/k I shared.

    @Keli… chile, you wouldnt

    @Ms Lee… there is one other video that I made, it’s me harassing him while he was destroying the bathroom. If I can get it off his phone I’ll post it.

    @Nashi… You already knew that :-p

    Thx everyone for the comments.. I ‘precriate them.

  8. yao ming son. The cookies are fiya. Now, if i can get a painting, some candles, and some more cookies, we will be in business. 🙂

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