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Crafts Update!

Ok.. a few post ago I mentioned that I was halfway done with my sofa blanket… Well This is the halfway mark.

The ruffles along the bottom were TOTALLY an accident! I didn’t count the right number of spaces so they ended up being closer together than I’d originally planned.

It’s not like I’m following a pattern anyway. It’s just me doing what I think feels right. Whenever I try to follow a pattern I NEVER finish. No matter what it is I’m making. lol

I am thinking of taking a crotchet class to learn the proper way/better technique for crocheting. While I’m there I just may take up knitting. I don’t know… it’s something about those 2 needles that intimidate me. I think I will face the challenge and try to learn. i’ve been doing alot of web browsing and for some reason it seems that knitting is MUCH more popular than crotcheting.

Lol… anyway.. The blanket is coming along. I need to get some more yarn so I can finish it off. Hey, I went into this with no rhyme or reason, just did it.

OH! For lunch today I went to a local yarn shop KNITORIOUS and perused their yarn selection. Please know that I was like an ADHD kid hyped off candy. It was SOOOO purty! Everytime I saw something I REALLY liked… something on the other side of the room would catch my eye and off I go. LOL

It’s a good thing I didn’t have any money, or that man of mine would have been sooooo mad with me! lol.



  1. Come on over to the dark side! The blanket is coming along nicely! You know that yarn is like crack!


    Did you say KNITTING!! :oD I am ESTATIC!!!!!! YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    (it is more popular than crochet :op) But both are HOT!! :o)

    Yep join our cult! We welcome you with open arms!!! :oD!

    KNITORIOUS! I love that name! :o)

    @ Blanket – I really like the ruffles!!! And look at you adding ribbon!! Watch out now!

  3. lol… look at the both of you! I tell you peer pressure is a beast! haha

    I take my 1st knitting class tomorrow. 😛

  4. Have fun in class tomorrow. Let us know all about it. I am quite sure Erica and V are expecting updates. I just want to be able to get some sock once you become the knit master.

  5. And for the record we did not pressure you!! :op

    We just rubbed off a little bit!!! :oD

    Can’t wait to hear about how your class went!

  6. Knitting is SO the “in” thing to do now. I feel like I need to pick up a pair of needles and hop to it!!

    I like the unintentional ruffles in the blanket, and I like the fact that you aren’t following a pattern. Looks good!

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