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Weekend Update

I went to my first knitting class this weekend. Ms. Ruth is the instructor, she’s… um just a little bit weird. lol She teaches high school Biology and went off on a tangent about how micro-biologist are weird. HA! I learned how to cast on, knit, and purl!!!! whohoo!!!! I choose a sweater cap for my 1st project. It has ribbing (or it’s suppose to have ribbing) lol. Things were going fine, until Ms. Ruth noticed a mistake and suggested I start over, then she proceeded to RIP all my work off the needles!!!! NOOOOOOOOoooooooooo!
After I recovered from seeing all my hard work unravel. Class was over and I was sent on my merry ole way. lol I haven’t made anymore progress on the ribbing of the hat yet.


Last week the niece saw my blanket and asked me to make her one. Soooo I put mine on the side to start hers. We went yesterday afternoon so she could pick out her yarn. She’s one funny little girl. The stuff she says…whew! Her mom needs to start praying RIGHT now!

Anyway when we reached the wall of yarn in Wally World, I told her to “Have At It!” and she looks up at me and says “I can have one of ALL of them?” HAHa! to which I replied “NO MAAAM, you can have TWO” lol

We stood there for 20minutes, she kept changing her mind. smh

Anywhoo, this is where I am on hers…
I have to have it finished by Thursdays softball game…You know if you tell a child you will do something, you damn well betta do it!

OH! Even better news!

I came home Friday and found that that loving husband of mine put up some shelves in my craft room! 😀

Yes, he’s that loving husband of mine b/c he put up the shelves, lol. j/k he’s always loving, even when I want to bust his head open with metal objects. All I need now is a work table and chair.

That’s pretty much my weekend.

Wait! I’m going to a Martini themed Slumber Party this month, and I was asked to make some “Martini Candles”. YAY!!! I can’t wait to start on those. of course I will post pics when they are finished.


  1. I wish I had a craft room over here! I am so jelly!!!! :op

    Nice work on your neice’s blanket look at that border! :o) You will be just as good in knitting. Before I know it you will be right beside me!

    AndI see ya with all of your labels for your blog “knitting, crocheting, candles” You crafty lady!! You are SO talented!

  2. I see the craft bug has gotten you! I’m jealous of the craftroom… lookin good. I could have one too if I kick one of my 3 kids out of their bedrooms! LOL

  3. V, you know it will be a HOTT minute b4 i’m at your level in knitting. I can be right beside you..running my mouth distracting you! lol thx chica

    LOL @ Ms. Erica, don’t kick the kids out! Besides with all the Cute stuff you pump out on the regular, I thought you had one!

  4. LOL at Erica kicking one of the kids out.

    Patrice, I need a cap, some socks, a throw…jsut kidding. You’re neices blankie looks good, and I like the chocolate and pink combo…sorry about the teacher unraveling your work. Better luck next week.

  5. Keli… I’m hoping I dont make it to class and she says I have to start over again. Me & Ms.Ruth would have to have a serious talk! lol

    Adrienne! My 1st time seeing you round these parts!! 😀 Thx for the comments chic

  6. I see you updated with pic of the baby hat! 🙂

    I am still trying to figure out how they got you doing a hat on straight needles and not on circulars or DPN. I need for you to ask them about that! LOL

    See! We bring new friends with us! ;o) @ Adrienne

    She is GOOD peoples!

  7. Maya, I’m just trying to be like you 😉 I’ll be in town in a 2wks, I need to spend some time with you in frt of the computer.

    Virtuous… if you say she’s GOOD people she must be! Glad to have her around.
    And I will ask when I go to class Saturday :p

  8. I love the gray/pink combo! (that was gray and pink, right?)

    Can’t wait to see the finished product!

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