I have finally finished the niece’s blanket! Whoohoo. Yall would not believe how many times my cell rang and it was a 5y/o on the other end asking “Are you finished yet?”

Here she is posing (did I ever mention that she wants to be a model?!, I don’t think I have… I’ll have to post a few A(STL)NTM stories LOL)
Anywhoo… I left my digicam at home and had to make due with my camera phone (don’t we just love technology?)

After I took that pic, she says “Another one from my good side!” (What dahell does she know about a good side?!)
This is her “good side”.LOL

We left not too long after that, but not before her big brother put in his order LOL He wants Red and Black. smh… what have I started. lmao

Have a GREAT weekend!


  1. Hi… came across your site via Ebony Elite. Your nieces blanket is very pretty did you use a varigated yarn. Was lmao at the FSO posts.

  2. Thx Ladies! I worked that blanket under some pretty stressful conditions! Ever have a 5y/o breathing down your neck?!


    Sheila… I used to bundles(I’m new to the terminology) of yarn. Both were variagated. One was purple and white, the other lt pink, lt purple, and lt blue.

    She picked them out

  3. Yeah! A FO! Looks great girl!

    Now you know once you make something for one family member they all want one!

    Keep croceting AND knitting! :op
    Can’t wait to see that baby hat!

    LOL @ her good side!

  4. @ cas… thx! I hope he’s not as demanding as his sister! lol

    @ V… girl I wish you would’ve told me, I’d would have saved that as x-mas gifts πŸ˜›

    @ kimt… Welcome to my spot πŸ™‚ Thx

  5. Oooooh, it looks good. I don’t blame your nephew…I want to put in my order too…chocolate and cream *ducks in corner before object is thrown* lol.

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