Weekend Update

Hey Hey Nah!
How was your weekend?!

~ Saturday Ian and I went to a craft fair in one of the snooty areas of STL. Needless to say wasn’t too many of us there. It was okay though, we got a chance to play ‘Count the Colored Folk’, We counted 7 total. lol
There were 2 older ladies running a booth and I think they were as happy to see us as we were them! They called themselves TWO TWISTED DIVAS. They make jewelry and own a small studio here in STL. They had BEAUTIFUL pieces on display. And while I love to support my own… the DIVA’s were just a bit out of my budget.
Read: PAJNSTL = Wal-Mart and The DIVAS = Sak’s 5th avenue. OKAY!!!

It was very inspiring to see the ladies out there doing the damn thing, making a name for themselves. Loved it!

I did a little bit of shopping this weekend. Don’t get excited, it was mostly window shopping. Ya know putting stuff on my mental “must-have” list. 🙂 But I did purchase a few things :p

I scrapped my hat (grey & pink) and now I’m working on a scarf with pom-poms and a keyhole! I’m almost finished… I just need about 12 more inches of ribbing, then I can bind off and add my pom-poms. I’m REALLY excited about the pom-poms LOL! I started on the scarf ASAP.. I even broke out the yarn and needles while waiting on my food to come :-p



    You bought some knitting stuff!! (Magazines! Stop it! – now I did tell you the best book in the world to get as a reference right?? If not, e-mail and I will send it to you. It is like $16 on amazon.com) And did I see CIRCULAR needles!! YES!! Brittany needles are really nice too!

    YA! YA! YA!! How about I have never done a keyhole and for some reason shy away from it! Binding off in a middle of a project just terrifies me! But I need to get over it so I can do button holes!

    I so get it about scrapping stuff!
    My 1st project was a RED scarf (heck who wasn’t) and I had fringes at the bottom of mine! :oD

    So I can’t wait to see your 1st scarf!!

    (Okay e-mail back your response b/c I rarely come back to read the comment section again! :op)

  2. OOh! And I can’t believe you got hubby to come out to a craft fair with you! That man luuuuuvvvvvvsss you! :oD

    Yeah, Twisted Divas have some twisted prices! LOL! I checked out their website!

  3. What a cool scarf and a keyhole… impressive. Oh.. do I see Caron Simply Soft Yarn…. I love CSS.. it has such a nice sheen and its soft. One of my favorite colors is Copper Kettle (Rust). I just cast on again for Summertime Tunic… the first time around I noticed it was twisted after like 10 rows…ugh. I’m new at knitting and working with circular needs are so much better than the Susan Bates straight needles. I’m going to check out the Brittany Needles.

  4. Oh lawd…knitting in the restaurant…I think you just might be addicted. Lol @ count the colored people.

  5. Virtuos… We are going to have to start chatting on a daily basis again! lol

    Hey Sheila!… I really like the CSS. My husband was with me when I bought it, I held it out to him and said “oooh feel this!”, he felt it then looked at me as if to say “what am I suppose to be feeling” lol. Glad someone understands!

    Keli… We also play “Kiddie Raction” lol.

  6. ‘Count the colored folk’ is hilarious!

    But yeah, sometimes, you have to scrap because it gets tiresome trying to figure it out how to fix it AND you end up effin’ it up even more by trying to!

    The scarf looks promising!

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