Summer Breeze….

makes me feel fine … blowing through the jasmine in my mind….

dodo do do dodo dododo doooo

how ya like that?! LOL

~ What’s up folks?! Me? chilling!

~ I skipped work yesterday! lol 😀 I was tired. Shoot, you don’t know how old you are until you try to pull several all-nighters (read slumber parties) and then you can’t get your booty up for work the next day!

~ I’ve found some awesome information. Looks like Paige Turners will be open sooner rather than later. (on-line) 😀

~ I have this sun dress i bought from le’ Target that I absolutely love. I’m going to buy some material and try to recreate it. It should be an easy feat. lol

~ I’ll be getting cussed out by my “heart meds client” (This is that lady whose meds I want to jack, just because she is so nasty and mean) SMH They finally did an official appraisal and she has 45k in resources, but she doesn’t want them counted. sigh, I hope she bypasses me and goes directly to my sup.

~ I left my windows down and it started raining. Now the seats are wet. ewwww.

~ I baked a strawberry cake last night… Might go pick up the kids and let them eat all the cake and buttercream icing they want then bring them back to their parentals! lol

~ The Taste of Chicago is this weekend and next. We may drive up. Depends on what time the hubby get off.

~ To the right, to the right, to the right, to the right…. to the left to the left to the left to the left… now kick , and kick. and kick, and kick…. Now walk it by yourself and walk it by your… and do the Cu-pid shuffle….

~ I need to change detergents or something…My skin is sooo irritated.

~ I’m so NOT a label whore. I will buy whatever looks good ON me. :p

~ The folks over at legal aid, know they can get on my nerves. They just love playing Capt’n Save ’em for our lying ass clients

~ BET awards tonight… Wonder if they will be any good.

~ I bought some seasoning when I was in H-town and left it in the trunk of the car.. ughhh

~ ooohhhhh I had a daquiri this weekend TO GO!!! HA! I wish MO would get on board.

~ I only have 1 ear flap left to knit for Ian’s hat. I’m so ready to finish this darn hat. It prolly wouldnt be so bad if it was a varigated yarn, at least then I could watch the pretty colors as they changed, instead it’s a just plain ole charcoal grey.

Lata gata’s

~ Trice


  1. ~ Love the name of your bookstore!
    ~ You must post your items you sewed last week before your trip!
    ~Taste of Chicago is SO fun!!
    ~You have ear flaps on the hat! Do it girl :o)

  2. I know some folks going to the Taste. I want to try and go next year. Your random thoughts are funny.

  3. LOL, at you and your to go daiquiri.

    Great news about Paige Turners…means I need to get this book finished, real, quick, and in a hurry.

    Don’t steal her heart med…

    Have a good one! I know, I’m a date late.

  4. I too love the name of your store. You are too funny!! I have never been to the Taste of Chicago, but if it is anything like Taste of DC enjoy!!! I will have to come to the Chi and try it out. Have fun (as if I need to tell you that!!)

  5. Virtuous… YES!!! I must take pics. I;m waiting until I wear it though. lol

    Adrienne…Girl I’s old!

    Kamika… This will be my 1st time going. I’m sure it will be good. Glad I can make you laugh. 🙂

    Keli… Yes ma’am, You need to get it on and cracking!!!

    UrbanKnitrix… That’s the only way to do it. LOL

    Thx for the comments, they are appreciated

  6. blowing thru the jasmine… did NOT know he said that.

    Paige Turners! Love the name! Off to finish that God-forsaken formatting!

    Please don’t take the heart meds away! LMAO!

  7. I am on board with the bookstore name. You are so creative!

    Did you save me a piece of cake? You are wrong for putting the kids on a sugar high then taking them back home. But hey, that’s what aunties are for, right?

  8. KJ… What kinda aunt would I be if I brought them back after giving them healthy snacks?! That’s what the parents are for.

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