hair hair and more hair

9 months ago, I cut all the relaxed hair out

This is how much it’s grown since then…

Washed with Herbal Essence

Totally Twisted Shampoo and conditioner

Blowdried into a BIG ASS FRO!
Used Biosilk as a moisturizer

and my trusty ole Chi ceramic flat iron

And woot there it is! lol


  1. WoW!!! That is AMAZING!!! I think a girl that can be all natural and can switch it up and look that good in either style is so Beautiful!!! U just made my day brighter!

  2. Virtuous… let’s see how Au natural!!! holds up on a St.Louis summer day! LOL

    Adrienne… it’s one of my best investments!

    uhh, Pop… (blushing) Thanks.

    Thank Ya Ms. Lee!

  3. The wash and go look is pretty, well I don’t know about that part down the middle. lol

    The blow out, looked like my head when I woke up this morning. I wish my hair was more curly.

    Wow, I don’t think I would have the patience to chi my hair out, but that looks so nice. You got the touch, lol.

  4. Thanks ladies!

    Leave me and my prison part alone Keli! LOL

    kolossol… You called right @ many MOODS! Thats JUST what they are! LOL Thx

  5. You did a fantastic job… and all that without a perm… your good. Boy-o-boy, if I were to go without a perm…. I would be arrested for any and everything…lol

  6. Ima need a hair appointment STAT!!
    Your hair is gorgeous! I just recently slapped down the $$ for a CHI and it’s one of the best investments I’ve spent $$ in a long time 🙂 Flawless honey!

    @ P

    I sent you an email from my work email about fun places to hit up. I can slide in a few strip joints if you want…:)

    That is one of the main reasons my black ass havent hopped on the wedding plans, you know it aint nothing for me to whip out a razor blade b/c the shoes are a shade off from the dress!

    I can imagine the entries too 🙂

    Girl I was too geeked to see that Walgreens and you know I bought hella crap just on GP. I was dancing with glee in the streets…you know folks wanted to throw some change my way convinced I was a crazy homeless person. And JBN? You know he put his sunglasses on and pretended like he didn’t even know me…

  7. Oh my goodness. I love the 1st picture. Makes me want to cut off all my hair again, especially with all this dang summer heat. The finished look is awesome too. YOU GO GIRL!

  8. Look at how long it’s getting! I need to get a real flat iron. The other day my husband was like, yeah, I really liked your hair straight. He was the one who said he liked my hair curly I don’t know how many years ago! lol.

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