My Weekend

Got up SUPER early Saturday morning, “played” with the man. Packed all our ish up drove to the airport employee parking lot, did a MEAN “walk it out” in the parking lot to a Christina Aguillera song playing on the radio, while we waited for the employee shuttle to pick us up. There’s video but I don’t need yall laughing AT me! lol

Got to the main terminal and made a new dance called “Wait on the Metro-link”, b/c we were trying to fly Southwest. Spent about 3 hrs in Southwest terminal, b/c the 1st two flights were full. Get on the 3rd plane, buckled in, electronic devices off, safety procedures being demonstrated when they announce over the intercom “All yall broke asses who think you can zip all over the country at a moments notice, Get yo shyt and get off the gotdamn plane” Well they didn’t say it like that, but that’s what I heard.


Soooo, we get off the plane and they say you can wait 2 more hours for the next delayed flight, we said F that we’ll drive.skip us going back home grabbing laptop, cd’s dvd’s, water, and snacks, filling up, and driving 4hrs.


We check into our hotel, all late, go to the bar where I proceed to get tipsy(lol, that’s what i’m calling it). Go back to the room get taken advantage of. Next morning…Go downtown… find a PREMO FREE parking space!!!! FREE FREE FREE!! damn near unheard of! We walked the mile several times, ate a bunch of stuff, I threw a FIT over an Apple product *that’s a blog for another day*, he ignored my ass, I had a BIG ASS daiquiri and calmed down, ate at GIORDANO’s (thx Tenacious) it was GOOOOOD.

We saw a cirque de solieil type show, ate some more, shopped some more then dragged ourselves back to the car, 4hrs later we were home. BUT it was still my b-day so we finished off the bottle of rum LOL!

I got b-day cards from Crimsondiva and EBZ. THANKS!!!!
Stacey’s was handmade and sooo CUTE!!!! EBZ’s had MONEY!!! (I won’t tell how much, don’t want folks to be jealous) LMAO!!!

All in all I had a GREAT time for my b-day and I want to say THANK YOU to everyone who wished me a happy b-day and celebrated my life! 🙂

Now it’s time to come back to the real world! LOL


  1. AAw what a great B-day weekend!
    I sure do miss Chicago!
    GURL! You should have gotten some Garrett’s popcorn!! MMMMHhh!!
    Tell her Tenacious!!

    Pattycake how about you were literally 1 hour away from my hometown! :op Racine, WI!

  2. Chicago! My home town. Thanks for a litte taste of home. I will be there on August 7.

    Gald you enjoyed your birthday. You know how to DO IT! I am inpired.

  3. ok, I agree with Virtuous! Garretts Popcorn is definately on my list of THINGS I HAVE TO EAT WHILE IN CHICAGO!

  4. lmao, you are funny.

    Glad you had a nice time. Hey you live like 4 hours away from all the major cities. That aint fair. Im jealous.

  5. Virtuous… I’m not a big popcorn fan, but i’ll give it a try!

    @ Adrienne & CAS, I really did! 🙂

    LOL @ Ms.Lee, don’t be ackin like you know me 😛 lol

    Urbanknitrix, it’s definitely a nice place to visit, just don’t go in the winter! There were several times when I wanted a windbreaker or lightweight jacket.

    KimT, I should have hit you up for places to eat too!

    Ebz… now that you mention it, we are kinda centrally located. Whoohoo! lol

  6. WoW you have a fantastic B-Day weekend. I know you were throwing flaming darts as you exited the plane….lol. I’m not a big traveler.. but Chicago is one of the places I would love to visit especially the Magnificent Mile. Actually my job’s main office is located in Chi-town. Now you trying to tell me all you did was get tipsy… come on now… you know I know… you got down right drunk…lol :] Don’t get too laid back… I want to hear about the Apple product…

  7. Sounds like yall had a great time. Uh, and I don’t know about everyone else but I want to see the video. LOL

  8. I’m with Ian…I would not have liked that cheesy pizza either. Too much going on there, lol! As long as the birthday girl was satisfied, lol.

    Lol, at the happy juice.

    So you too are falling prey to the siren call of the iphone…tsk.

  9. Daaaannng Sheila, why you gotta call me out like that! LOL (that’s gonna be our little secret, so don’t tell nobody, shhh!)


    Goddess.. maybe one day, MAYBE

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