Brain/Mouth Filter: OFF

Quick story:

~last night I’m sitting in this math class listening to the instructoe babble on about vertical,horizontal,and obliques asymptotes, while copying alphabet soup in my notebook.

When all of a sudden, I hear “This some bullshit”

I’m looking around to see where it came from, and everybody’s looking at ME!

OMG, did I just say that?!

Omg, I DID just say that!

WTH is wrong with me?! LOL

I didn’t get put out, but the instructor did say something like, “wait til you see the test”


I sooo have to work on that filter thing!

Have a GREAT day! 😀


  1. @ Erica B and Adrienne….
    It definitely made me laugh AFTER class! All the way home I kept saying “WHO, does that?! “

  2. I SO laughed out loud reading this. Thank goodness I’m at home. Not lookin’ around to see who said it, lol. Too funny.

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