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Tales from the Food Stamp Office + some other stuff

Today, 2 people left our office for the hospital… One by ambulance, and my supervisor. My supervisor has been having chest pains since yesterday and STILL brought herself into work today, only to have to rush to the E.R. and be admitted. Hopefully, she’ll be okay. I don’t know what happened to the other girl… only that someone found her sprawled out on the floor.

YO! this job will NOT be the death of me… What did I do while all this was going on… kick back at my desk with this awesome book I’m reading, The Other Boleyn Girl.

THEN… I was walking to go check my mailbox and saw THIS!!!!

Knocked the f*ck out, mouth open, head back, WITH a blanket sleep!

Yet they don’t want me on the internet… OKAY! Silly homosapiens

Oh! And apparently a Repo man has been stalking our office… LOL I take solace in knowing that my car note is paid and current!!!

In other news… I completed New Look 6621

I worked on this pattern Sunday… Now I was supposed to add buttons… but when I got to that step, I realized…

1. I have NEVER done a button hole

2. I have NO idea where the manual is for my sewing machine

3. I have NO clue how to change the foot without the manual

but I do know how to


2. Sew on snaps

3. And so I did, LOL

Here’s a close up of the pattern on the material… is a polka-dots arranged in the shape of flowers. I would have taken a picture wearing it, but I didn’t feel like it… LOL πŸ˜›

I have training tomorrow πŸ™ so I will be online and available to chat on yahoo, aim… so say Hola! lol

There’s this Hot Air Balloon Race here this weekend, so I’m hoping it will be a fun thing, at the very least, providing entertaining people watching!

Have a Good Day folks & to all that offered their support at my last post… THANK YOU!!! πŸ˜€


  1. That pic is hot azz mess! I would have been dying seeing you whip out the Sidekick to take that pic! The blouse turned out great. Go to your sewing machine manufacturer’s site… you may be able to download some instructions.

  2. That is CRAZY!! Yah you got some evidence now!! MMhmmmm

    CUTE blouse! I likes!!! And I don’t blame you about improvising…as you know it is called being creative! ;o)

    But I was going to suggest the same thing as Erica – check for an online copy of your manual.

    And um ur yeah we want to see you in it! I know you love your dress form and all of Ms. Metallic but ur uh Yeah!! Hahaha!

  3. Oh the drama! LOL! I told you to keep all these little anecdotes to write a book. It would be a best seller trust me! LOL!

    The top is cute! I want to see it on you too! Come on gurl!

    Please take some photos of the hot air balloons to share. I am sure you will have a story for that too.

  4. 1. if your sick stay home.
    2. I would have went to the library and emailed this sleepin’ employee’s pic to my boss from an anonymous email address.
    3. beatiful pattern can I have it when your done?

  5. No darn way, an employee is sleeping with a blanket at that…lol. Great blouse and improvising is the way to go… I do it all the time.

  6. Yes! Hott MESS!!! And this girl does this EVERYDAY!!!

    KimT… Thank ya kindly

    Adrienne… just like that! No shame

    EricaB… Good looking out @ the internet. I’ll have to check it out when I get home!
    Lol.. whatchu know abt my sidekick! :p

    Stacey…lmao @ ms. Metallic.. I’d been trying to think of a suiting name for her!

    Cas… I told Stacey earlier… I would take a picture when I wear it… I was been oh so lazy! LOL

    NittyGritty… I have to remember that @ library! And ITA that if you’re sick you should stay home! You want you can have it. πŸ™‚

    Shiela… Yes,yes, yes! She is! Lol

  7. Girl, I have been hungry for one of your posts; I knew I could come here for a laugh.

    I love the blouse and let me tell you THANK YOU!!! That picture has done it for me. I am LMBAO. OMG, I am definitely going to have to get online tomorrow and chat with ya!!

  8. Gurrrrl…I still lol at that picture. Wow…don’t let that job stress you out! No job is worth that. I guess that’s why ole girl or boy (which is it?) pulled out the blanker and took a nap.

    Quick thinking with replacing the buttons with snaps. You will be an expert before you know it.

  9. Imma fight you for taking that pic!!! Pure COM-ED-Y!!! And oh, just tell me when I can send you my measurements lol. I want a shirt like that in red thankyouverymuch! lol

  10. LOVE that fabric!! mad at the sleeping coworker!! hilarious. i would’ve ran up to her screaming, “NOT ANOTHER ONE!!!” then said, “oh. you’re just sleeping.” and walked away DYING laughing at the frightened expression. i’d prefer if my job didn’t kill me, too.

  11. Oh my God, I would SO have snapped a pic of that sleepin on the job shit.

    I saw you’re a caseworker – should I not have posted the part about the cop showing up at my house the other day? πŸ™‚

  12. Urbanknitrix… I’m glad I didn’t disappoint! Lol

    Keli!… it’s a she

    MahoganyB… don’tcha love me πŸ˜€ lol

    Jameil…. GIRL!! I have got to do that!!! LMAO

    PennyK… no worries, I don’t care THAT much! LOL

  13. see thats a damn shame!!! what the hell was she doing the night before! is she pregnant cause that is the only reason you should be that prepared and laid out at work!

    cute blouse. i bought a pattern for some pants… lets see when will i be sending you my fabric and pattern….

    did you got to the Balloon Glow??? gurl my daddy used to drag us down there to watch that…ugh!!! it was SOOOOO boring! i don’t mind driving by and be like “Oh look a balloon!” but to go down there and watch them launch is pure agony!

  14. @ Carm… we didn’t make it to the balloon glow, but we went out there Saturday and saw balloon crashes!! LOL I can’t find my camera, you know I took pictures right! LOL I need your email addy!

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