Balloons, Crashes (on video), Simpsons & Ink

This what the other balloons are supposedly “chasing”, I have video of several NOT coming close



How ’bout you take ONE bite at a time? lol

anyone remember on the Simpsons, whoever knocked the trash over had to take it out… I almost had to take it out! LOL


Found THIS looking for the car


My latest tattoo… which brings me to a grand total of 6 😀


  1. Cool tatoo, I want one so bad.. but totally scurrred…lol. What!! who ever knocks over the trash has to take it out… man-o-man if I’d knocked that trash can over.. I would’ve just fainted…ROFLOL.

  2. um no! the boys have to take the trash out! see i told you the race was a trip!!! see i wasn’t gonna say it but you did twice in your video. and why was it side ways???
    i wanna another tat but i don’t know what to get. i only have 1. if i could i’d cover the first one up with something else.

  3. Adrienne…. You have nothing to fear but fear itself! LMAO

    Stacey… It’s on the inside of my ankle… Ian said he’s getting another’round christmas. Lol

    Carm…. Girl!! It was a trip! Made for good mindles entertainment. Not sure why it was sideways. Lol Where is your tattoo?

  4. Cool balloons!

    I say no to tattoos! I can’t stand needles and I have enough scars to make me special enough! LOL! Besides, scars are tattoos with better stories! LOL!

  5. Wow! That was some funny stuff. I bet you and the hubby never get bored when you are together huh. Was he trying chew like a whole hamberger or something. Lol. Your tat is tight. I love tats. I got a few of them. My next one Im going to tattoo my left butt cheek in every color. Im gonna call it “Half Ass” LMAO! Dont take my idea either. Lol.

  6. Cas… LOL @ scars!

    RealTalk… Gurl I think I would make a good candidate for a reality show! LOL

    POP… Dude you ARE an ass! LOL This IS a family blog ya know. LMAO

  7. It comes out moreso in the way I string words together than the actual tone. But for the most part you won’t notice it.

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