Support Jena 6

Michael Baisden and other community leaders have called on us to support the Jena 6 by attending the rally in Louisiana or showing our unity and wearing ALL BLACK on Thursday September 20th, 2007..


Aug. 31, 2006:
Two black youths, after talking to the school principal at Jena High School , sit under a tree traditionally
reserved for white students on the school campus.

Sept. 1, 2006
: The next day, three nooses are hung from the tree. After initially being expelled by the principal, the three white students responsible are given three days of “in-school suspension.” The school superintendent is quoted as saying, “Adolescents play pranks. I don’t think it was a threat to anybody.”

Sept. 5, 2006: A group of black students gathered and sat under the tree in protest. White students’ parents called the police, and LaSalle County ‘s white district attorney stormed the campus with armed police and gave an impromptu lecture to the black students who had gathered under the tree. “I could end your lives with the stroke of a pen,” he reportedly told them. Black students say that he was looking directly at them.

Sept. 8th, 2006:
Jena High School was placed on full lockdown. Most students, black and white, either stayed home, or were picked up by parents shortly after the lockdown was imposed. The Jena Times suggested that black parents were to blame for the unrest at the school because their September 5th gathering had attracted media attention.

Sept, 10, 2006: Several dozen black students and parents attempted to address the school board concerning the recent events but were refused because the board was of the opinion that “the noose issue” had been adequately resolved. Racial tensions in Jena remained high.

Nov, 30 2006: Arson destroyed Jena High’s main academic building. Local law enforcement cannot prove the fire was connected to the noose-hangings or the subsequent racially-motivated attacks. This further escalated racial tensions in Jena as whites blamed blacks for the fire and blacks blamed whites.

Dec. 1, 2006: Robert Bailey, one of the student leaders of the Jena High protests, was invited to a party attended by mostly white students. At this party he was attacked by a 22-year old man wielding a beer bottle. He was further attacked with bottles and blows after being knocked to the ground.

Dec. 2, 2006: Robert Bailey and two friends went to a convenience store where they ran into a young white man from the previous night’s party. After exchanging word s with hi m, the trio entered the store. The young white man greeted them with a pistol grip shotgun upon their exit. The African-American boys wrested the gun from him and ran away.

December 4, 2006: A white student, Justin Barker, was allegedly using racial epithets and celebrating the beating of Bailey at Friday night’s party. A fight broke out, and Barker was knocked out. He was kicked by a several black students after he hit the ground. The police were called, and after speaking with several witnesses six boys – 17-year-old Robert Bailey, Jr. whose bail was set at $138,000; 17-year-old Theo Shaw – bail $130,000; 18-y ear-old Carwin Jones – bail $100,000; 17-year-old Bryant Purvis – bail $70,000; 16-year-old Mychal Bell, who was charged as an adult and for whom bail was set at $90,000; and a still unidentified juvenile – were arrested and charged with aggravated 2nd degree assault and conspiracy to commit the same. District Attorney Reed Walters intervened to increase the charges to attempted second degree murder. In the meantime, Justin Barker was treated at a hospital and released. He attended his high school ring ceremony later that evening. Bailey, Shaw, and another friend were also charged with theft of a firearm, second-degree robbery and disturbing the peace in connection with the incident at the convenience store. Furthermore, the six were immediately expelled from Jena High. The normal punishment for a fight at school is a three day suspension.

June 28th, 2007: Mychal Bell, the first of the six to go to trial, was convicted of charges of aggravated 2nd degree assault and conspiracy to commit the same. His court-appointed attorney did not challenge the composition of the all-white jury, did not ask for a change of venue, nor did the lawyer call witnesses or introduce evidence on Bell ’s behalf. He will be sentenced on September 20th, and faces up to 22 years in prison for the schoolyard fight. “Aggravated second degree assault” requires an assailant use a potentially lethal weapon. The D.A. successfully argued that the black youths’ tennis shoes were lethal weapons.

July 10th, 2007: Two white men were arrested after they ran over a sign outside a black church in Jena that had just held an NAACP meeting. The two have been charged with “criminal damage to property.”


  1. Black people WAKE the Freak UP. I am so happy that people are FINALLY taking notice to this case and NOW are doing something. Can someone tell me – what has BET or TVOne has said about this? Because I have yet to hear about it. Okay, anyway at least people are doing something now. People better wake up, I keep telling people Racism is alive and well and we as a people are moving backwards NOT forward. Sorry for the rant, but you know I haven’t posted to my blog lately. PEACE

  2. I’m definitely wearing my black tomorrow. I’ve been planning my outfit for weeks and wondering who else I will see in the office in all black. Something tells me I’ll be the only one…

  3. @ UrbanKnitrix…. sadly BET and TVone have been muy silent, which is extremely sad!

    @ Adrienne…. It was almost too little too late!

    @ MahoganyB… I’ve been spreading the word in my office… but we’ll see how far it goes as far as action is concerned.

  4. BET is and has be owned by white people for the past 5 years or more, They cant say anything … that would be self incrimination.

    Unfortunately I am the only black woman in a office postion in my company… I have no one to share the word with here….

    This is rediculous that shit like this is still going on. So much for civl rights and due process. And how the hell can sneakers be weapons? Are you fucking kidding me? smh. Thats some ol bullcrapth!

  5. the first i had heard about it was a couple weeks ago when Michael Baisden was talking to Mchal (sp) Bell’s mama. and as much as a researched it nobody broke it down like you did! thank you for that. my white husband asked me what it was about and all i could tell him is that some black dudes whooped some white boys ass…now i can give him the low down.. but of course i know it will result in an argument. but i don’t care he needs to wake the hell up. i tell him all the time that racism is very real and still going on. this man REFUSES to hear it. that shit gets on my last nerves. like just because he married a black woman hes cured everyone else of racism… no dude you didn’t. makes me wonder what the hell i was thinking sometimes. i mean can people still be that naive…um yes they can! i’ll be wearing my black tomorrow… damn you heat… you just had to come back!

  6. @ebz… when the town you live is 6blocks wide by 6 blocks long, the sherrif/mayor/city councilman are probably all related, they apparently do EXACTLY wha they want to, however it’s conveniences them.

    Sad thing is… who knows how many others have been railroaded and are now serving time or have a criminal record b/c of it.

    This hasn’t just started, it’s just the 1st time that the national media got wind onf it and hell the media did a piss poor job of getting the word out.

    @ Carm… being in a inter~racial relationship has to be tough especialy with something like this comes up. You are so right, though.. Just b/c all is well with yall, does NOT mean all is well with the world when it comes down to the presence or lack thereof of melanin.
    I’ll gonna take a pic of what I’m wearing in the heat! LOL

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