Edited To Add: Why is it always the SSI(mental) recipients that have switchblades?! LOL I went downstairs to do a interview… no biggie, no issues, so I’m walking back upstairs and I see her digging in the trash, I stopped to see WHAT DAHELL she was doing. At first I thought she was looking for food (if she was, I would have had her wait, so I can run to my desk and give her my emergency stash of food). Anyway… I’m watching as she lifts the trashcan and pulls out a 6in blade! GTFOH!!! Thank God for metal detectors! ‘nough for her to click out and slice and dice some gotdamn body. lol

Lemme give ya a quick run~down of my weekend.

~ I have dr appt @ 3pm today… of course I’m the only person over age 5 that has re~occuring ear infections. Ouch!

~ Class this evening 5:30 ~6:20…. I must’ve been smoking an exclusive brand of crack when I scheduled that bad boy! Then this instructor OBVIOUSLY has no life OR the worst time management skills EVER! Seeing @ 6:13 she’s Just getting around to the day’s assignment/discussion.

I know she thinks I’m the rudest little somebody EVER, b/c a 6:19:45seconds. I close my notebook, place it in my bag, look her square in the eyes and say ” Have a GREAT weekend” LOL I’m crossing the door seal at 6:20:00 DON’T PLAY! I can hear her saying as I’m leaving, The time just flies by in this class! Damn skippy.. Chic it’s Friday and even if I don’t have anything to do… I DON’T want to be sitting in this class. If she know like I know, she
better get it togetha!

~ This weekend (fri,sat,sun) is the taste of St. Louis. I’m going at least one of those days! Food and people watching! Hmph the gossipy fat girl within is OVERJOYED! Lol

~Saturday is this art/crafts festival in somewhere, Illinois…. I *think* is called the Strangefolk arts fair or *something*, I don’t know, but I’m going doing something *special* so Ian won’t feel coerced lol

~ Sunday Ian’s momma is throwing a seafood boil! YAY, SEAFOOD. For a minute I thought about boycotting the event. But then the fat girl within whispered to me and said *girl! You betta go get that free seafood* LOL and then I said *damn skippy* I’ll be the bigger/better woman and celebrate with them, but I hope she’s not expecting a gift!
Can yall tell I have a few issues with my in laws! LOL!

I’m so sleepy and hungry and a little bit dizzy
It only feels better when I pull down on my earlobe and tilt my head ALLL the way to the right. You know kinda rest it on my shoulder. I plan on being very chatty at this dr visit, lol get me some samples. Hopefully enough samples so I don’t have to fill a prescription!

Damn this post took on legs! I was NOT intending on talking so much. Oh well!

Have a great weekend!!


  1. See, you’re nice…I used to get up and leave in the middle of my classes.

    Strangefolks? Sounds like an Austin event…be afraid, be very afraid. And take lots of pics, lol.

    Girl…does she know how a proper seafood boil is done?

    Well get all the samples you can, and look into long-term solutions for resolving the problem.

    Have a great day, and enjoy your weekend.

  2. Switch blades….Was that my momma?? Just kidding….Anyway, sounds like your going to have a great time, eat for big gurl in me as well – I can’t wait for the Taste of DC.

    Your just as bad as me when the professor was late, I would be the one to start a list and get the hell out of dodge and act like security – get the hell out people, why are you all sitting around she/he late they have a 10 min grace period (um it was 5 minutes and hell i gave myself another 5 to clear.

    Have fun!!! Oh and the MIL – Pretty much, can’t wait for that story!

  3. Bad KELI! LOL *whispering* I’m saving that for snow/ice days* LOL Keli… I’m SURE almost 100% positive there will be a story about this seafood boil. You have a good one too!

    Urbanknitrix… gurl!! I haven’t had to do that YET! i’m the one who will shoot the intructor an email telling them “I was here, you weren’t. I’m leaving it’s whatever o’clock” LMAO
    Yep you know there will be a story.

  4. i’ve always wanted to go to the Taste but never had the energy to deal with the kiddies and the crowd. is the one with all the BBQ??

    seafood boil… damn… my fam don’t do shit like that. takes plenty of butter.

    what the hell she hide it in the trash for? was that plan B if shit don’t go right?

    well i was always the one to stay and wait on the professors… and i would always wait for them to dismiss us… but i also slept in class so i guess it evened out.
    have a great weekend… eat some for me too! have you been to my caft blog???

  5. ROTFLOL… do me a a favor…. just send me something from the seafood boil…lol. Your weekend sounds like major fun… enjoy.

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