Weekend Update (picture heavy)

The crowds at the Strange Folk Festival

Some knitterly things

playing my favorite game ‘Count the Peas”

And she makes 3 LOL that’s right THREE

Alpaca?! Yup Alpaca
This lady was drop spinning Alpaca

The crowds at Taste of St. Louis!

Ahhh! MUCH better ratio..

So easily entertained..

Three! LOL

See what the glasses were hiding?! LOL my eyes were OPEN!

That’s how I felt! (I forgot all about the food! In St.Louis you rarely can drink in the streets… felt like I was back in New Orleans!)


$5 That’s right!!!

$8.63 YUP Dillards had a Crazy Sale!

I made out pretty good not just at Dillards but overall. (2 pair of shoes, 1 bra, 1 pair of sjp Bitten jeans, 2 tees from the gap, 1 camisole, all for $86 bucks!)

Playing nice with my mother in law

Ahhh!!! Good times (it could have soaked for a few more minutes, but it was still good)

~ and the ear…. Double ear infection that required a $55 rx, hmph. But I felt 100x better after the 1st round of drops, so I guess it was worth it, lol


  1. Dang those drinks look good, so does the seafood. Glad you had fun.

    I hope you feel better now that you have your meds.

  2. did you go to wally world for the Rx? damn $55 for some drops!

    ok i hope i’m not the only one but what is “Counting the Peas” i think i know but i need some clarification!!!lol

    damn that festival of strange folks look fun!!

    drunk in the street… sad! haha looks like you had fun. didn’t even get yourself in the picture.

    why do i always miss the good sales!?? nobody tells me anything!

  3. You had fun girl!!!! Glad you are feeling better!!! Girl…Kayla had an ear infection…..try 110.00 for a bottle of drops that were TOO STRONG FOR HER EAR!!! Yep…meaning she COULD NOT USE THEM!! Too bad you can’t trade in medicine! LOL

  4. Man, I should have been at Dillards this weekend. I see you were feeling the drinks, lol. Looks like a good time. Have a good day.

  5. Urbanknitrix.. Those drinks were good! Muy deliciouso 🙂

    Carm… I got the rx for walgreens. Is wally world cheaper? I’ve never filled anywhere else.
    “Count the Peas” is a game I came up with in Louisville, b/c we were always 2/6 of the black folks in attendance! LOL
    Lmao… I was trying to do it, but after 3 failed photos said to hell with it… at least you see half of my face!

    Adrienne… if they would have said $110 I would turned around and walked away! Lol

    Keli… I did have fun! A LOT of fun!

  6. i kind of figured thats what you meant… i play find the other negros. my husband tells me i need to stop. he just don’t know. i’m glad i’m not the only one that plays…cause lord knows i be looking!!!
    Wally world is cheaper. and so is Sams. i used to go to walgreens too. till i had my last and he was always sick. i went to walgreens for a Rx and it was $70. so when i went for a refill i went to wally world and it was $20. i haven’t been back to walgreens. that was over a year ago.

    the bib pattern is from the book Mason Dixon Knitting. it is a great book but if you don’t want to buy it let me know and i’ll see what i can do. but the book is worth buying. try amazon to see if you can’t find a cheap one. i hadn’t thought of putting a backing on the bibs… their made of cotton (sugar n cream or peaches n cream) so you really don’t need one. i’ve used them on drooly boy and the are very absorbent so no they are not just for show. they are very meant to be used!! you laughing at my toasty buttons??? i forgot all about them things!!

  7. Girl! I wish I’d known abt wally world. Shoot, could’ve had some extra poclet change!

    Lol @ your husband… He doesn’t understand… you always count when your in the minority. At least I do! LOL

    I’ve seen that book before, and put it back down… the bibs don’t seem to be too difficult though. I dunno. I’ll check amazon!

  8. oh and another thought on walgreens…. they give you the generic brand automatically then charge you out the ass for it. where at wally world there generics are $4. some are more though.

  9. SO glad you felt better after your “sell my house and home” drops! LOL

    Dang you had a great weekend!

    LOL @ count the peas

    Aah look at hubby lookin all in love with ya!! :oD

  10. looks like a great weekend! You shopped, got great bargains, spent time with loved ones, and ate good? Girl, you had a fantastic weekend. Thanks for sharing all the pix.

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