I need a divorce…

from my t-mobile sidekick!!!!

The 1st time it let me down, I compromised and gave up my limited edition Juicy Couture SidekickII, in exchange for a *shudder* Basic sidekick III.

Over the course of 7 months the sidekick III wormed it’s way into my heart and I actually grew to like the sleekness of it’s grey/black casing. Only to be sorely disappointed again! *tears*

I have been on the phone all morning with a counselor (read: t-mobile tech support) only to come to the conclusion that this relationship.. Just. Won’t. Work. *bawling* My heart is heavy. And I feel like I’ve lost a dear friend. *snotting and crying*

There is only ONE glimmer of hope… The counselor suggested, I try one last relationship building exercises (read: go into the store and do a sim card swap) but sadly she advised me that if this doesn’t work, then *gasp* the relationship is over and that I would have to *wiping snot and tears* try it again with *unbelief* another phone! *BAWLING*

I don’t want another replacement… for what?! to be let down again?! This is so not fair! *in the fetal position*


Seriously I am pissed, but I’ll survive. LOL I’m going to try this sim swap thing, esp since they are going to give me a credit for the cost of a new sim card.

But truly and honestly… regardless of whether it works or not, I’m going to get a different phone.

Fool me once.. Shame on me… Fool me twice… ah, well you know the rest.

thx, and I’ll keep you posted on the lasted in this love affair!



  1. HAHA! @ counselor

    You SO should consult with Ms. Adrienne above…she LIVES by her phone and I think she has Tmobile too??

  2. Love me some Tmobile and it is amazing how we are about our phones…..don’t cary any of those confiscated switchblades withcha.

  3. Haha @ urban knitrix… I’m back in bidness! The sim swap worked… but I’m still in the market for a new gadget!
    And I don’t think it’ll be long b4 there’s a cell phones anonymous support group!

  4. i went through that with my last phone. i went so far as to change companies and vowed to never fool with another motorola phone again. that leaves me with slim pickings.. so i got a Chocolate… i’m on my second one… i had a pretty pink one… now its just plain ole black! blah! i think the half make them on purpose. lucky i had insurance!

  5. Glad the sim swap worked. I have an MDA and totally love it, Tmobile has since replaced it with the dash. My daughter had a sidekick as of Sunday and its totally dead… She’s Himming and Hawing about another sidekick… but I will not fall for it this time – she has to buy her own this time. I told her the best I could do for her and grabbed our box of old cell-phones and told her to pick one…lol

  6. Lmao @ Sheila! You know darn well the old box of cells won’t do!

    @ thic…. I don’t like the MDA I had one when I was with sprint and ended up bring it back b4 the 14days was up.

  7. I thought I was the only one with cell phone blues, I have the Cingular 8125, but soon I will have to upgrade becuase it is falling apart and to top it off it is discontinued and I can’t get the same phone. **hugs**

  8. LMMFAO!

    Girl, you need to just let the Sidekick go. Shall we have a funeral for it?

    In nomini patris et fili et spiritu sanctu. We consecrate the Sidekick to the ground before God. Ashes to ashes. Dust to dust.

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