Thieving Indian Giver!

EDIT: When I got home last night, the thieving Indian-Giver had 4 bags of flamin’ hot, 2 boxes of Pop Tarts, and a pack of cookies waiting for me along with a card that said “I love you and I won’t eat yo shit again” LOL I think he was scurred!

Wanna know who I’m talking about?!

Take a wild guess?! Come on it’s an easy guess.

Well let me tell you what happened….

This morning, After I fix and bag my sandwich (ham & cheese) for my mid-morning snack, I go to the top of the fridge to get MY bag of flamin‘ hot cheewee’s. Can someone please tell me why the chips my loving husband bought SPECIFICALLY for me, were M.I.A!?! Isn’t that the strangest thing?! Especially since only two people live in our house.

ok moving on…

I made groceries this weekend. And since I know Ian doesn’t like the same drinks I drink, I bought myself a 2-liter of Pepsi and a gallon of sweet tea and for Ian I bought him a gallon of Fruit Punch. So.. last night I went to get a glass of Pepsi and GUESS WHAT?! It’s M.I.A. So now I’m losing my mind… b/c I haven’t drank any of it.


I like Pop Tarts, Ian like Granola bars. So Ian went to the store and bought 2 boxes of each. Well, this morning I reached for a poptart, Can someone PLEASE tell me why was there only ONE BOX left with only ONE pop tart?!

Have you guys figured out who the Thieving, Indian-Giver is yet?

I called my loving husband this morning and this is the conversation that ensued:

Me: Good Morning big-head boy… Did you eat my cheewee’s?

Him: Good Morning, What chips?, and why I gotta be big head?

Me: Remember those flaming hot chee-wees you bought for me last weekend, that were on top of the fridge

Him: (laughing) Girl! I BEEN ate those!

ME: Why would you eat MY chips? Chips that you bought FOR ME?!

Him: Well you left them up there so long I thought you didn’t want ’em. (still laughing)

Me: Dude! you can’t just eat my stuff! And while we’re at it, Did you drink MY Pepsi?!

Him: (dying laughing) Yea, I did

ME: It’s not funny! Why would you do that?! Hell you DONT EVEN LIKE Pepsi!!!

HIM: but I didn’t have anything else to drink (still f’n laughin)

ME: uhhhh! How bout that gallon of FRUIT PUNCH that’s STILL in the fridge unopened?!

HIM: What punch!? LOL I never saw it there so I just drank your Pepsi (CTFU)

ME: So it never occurred to you to LOOK in the fridge, hell it’s not THAT damn big, I mean seriously you can’t possibly expect me to accept that “you didn’t see it”. You need a whoopin

Him: Laughing so hard he can’t even talk

Me: You little thieving Indian-giver! LOL that’s real fucked up how you buy me stuff then eat it!

him: laughing while saying… “I’m a get you some more”

Me: I don’t want to talk to you anymore you Indian-giver, BYE

After I got off the phone I couldn’t help but LMAO! Here I am thinking I’m losing my damn mind and all along his ass is eating my shit! smh LOL! I still want to pop the ish out of him, though. He lucky he wasn’t still at the house, cuz it would have been ON!

Does YOUR spouse/SO/lil boo/kids do that to you?

Does it burn you up as much as it does me?

Don’t you just want to pop them upside the head with something?

CTFU… (I’m laughing, but I’m, serious)

Going eat my sandwich…. have a good day! 😀


  1. LOL! You and Ian are a mess! funny he ate up all the stuff he does not supposedly like. My neices do that to me when they visit …they eat up all my stuff, stuff they first turn their noses up to…then when I go to the fridge, my stuff is gone.

  2. ROFLMBAO!!!! Yes to the husband and yes to the kids.

    It makes you so mad because you can taste it and you know it’s there (should be) because you didn’t eat it. GURL, I be UPSET. You know what they had a nerve to tell me – the same thing Ian told you. It was up there so long, I thought you didn’t want it anymore…um, could it be that I am not greedy…and oh yeah…IT’S MINE, I can eat it whenever I feel like it.

    And when the kids come don’t go directly upside their head when stuff come up eaten because my husband always blame them and I KNOW 99.9% it’s his ass and he laughs too.

  3. Funny stuff. I’m mad he was laughing the whole time. LOL

    I like how you said, you “made groceries.” You reminded me of an old friend of mine, also from Louisiana, he used to say that. I thought it was the funniest thing.

  4. @ urbanknitrix… LMAO @ him blaming the kids!!

    @ RealTalk… girl he’s just as silly! Lol I can’t stop saying”make/made groceries” it’s just IN me!

  5. You two really need to start a reality show….lol. My pet peeve is over cheese.. I love me some cracker barrel cheese. When I go food shopping I buy 4 bags, which contain 8 bars of cheese each – 2 bags for dh and 2 for me.. that’s fair right… well why in the hellz do I end up with half a bag. Gurl.. I find cheese wrappers in the garage, the gazebo even in the dayum dog house.. and his excuse… I thought you were on a diet…haha!

  6. Too funny!! And you didn’t get on him about the pop-tarts! I thought you really would have lost it then! ROTFL!! :op

    And please tell me what the heck is som “chee-wees”??? Clue.less! Ha!

  7. Girl! I know exactly what you are talking about!! You wanna know why???? I DO MY HUSBAND THE SAME WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Too funny!!!

  8. gurl please… you only got one person tp eat your shit. i got 6. and its always “not me” dammit i know it was one of you! and my husband! thats a whole nother story. cause i like you buy his shit that only he likes. and he will eat up the kids lunch stuff knowing dog on well he does not need it. can’t none of them see something new or different in the hoe they think they got “try” everything. ohh that just pisses me off. i make sure i let everyone know “this is mine… do not touch it.” sometimes they listen most times they don’t. you’re not alone!

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