One of my favorite snacks are baaaack!!! Elmer’s CheeWee’s are BACK!! Whoohooo!

Why am I so excited?
In 2005, New Orleans was devastated by Hurricane Katrina. The storm’s 100 MPH winds and subsequent 10′ flood waters destroyed the entire Port Street facility where CheeWees are produced. It took approximately 16 months to rebuild the facility and replace all the machinery and equipment used in the plant. During this time Elmer’s Fine Foods was closed and unable to produce any of it’s delicious snack foods.
My favorite chee-wees are Green Onion, Ian likes Bar-B-Que, my sis-n-law Cheese. I called Ian screaming in the phone… I found the CHEEWEE’S I found the CHEEEEEEWEEEE’S! He laughed and my coworker came over to see what dahell was wrong with me! LOL
Today is a GREAT day!


  1. I have never heard of them are they like cheez its? Glad you found them and make sure you hide them from you know who!!!

  2. ok i have never heard of this… and you found them in St. Louis??? i’ll have to look for them. do you stay in the city? but if you found them in the city i will most likely not be able to find them out here… unless i go to the ghetto part of the county or at least close to it. they sell the good stuff in the city and ghetto… or at least the stuff i would like. so are they like potato chips or crackers?

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