Friday Fav’s

Just a few of my favorite things ( in no particular order):
Opi Nail Polish on sale
Cobblestone muffins from Panera Bread (St. Louis Bread Co.)
kisses on the neck
Dill pickles stuffed with now & laters
Handmade things
Pictures of Idris Elba
SJP Bitten Jeans
Menthalip lip gloss from bath and body works
Le’ Target 99 cent section
Surprises from Ian
learning all the new dances (although I never go anywhere to to them lol)
Freshly washed hair
Ice cold Coca-Colas just when they start to form ice chips
Frozen Snickers
pickled Pig lips
“free” dates with Ian
being crafty and creative
having fun
hearing kids laugh
well fitting bras!
the color blue lol

New Orleans Bounce music

Witch Hazel and cotton balls

QT with my friends

days when my supervisor is absent

*meeting* interesting people on the internet (all my blog/board buddies)

catching up with old friends

hot steamy nights with Ian

sunny days on the deck with frozen margaritas! recipe

making Ian laugh

being true to myself

a good book

rainy days at home on the couch with old movies and snacks

the toys from kids meals

getting fun mail (ie: anything but bills)

playing marco POLO! in stores with Ian when we can’t find each other

window shopping with Peaches

emails/text msgs/instant msgs

stripes and dots

SALES!!! better yet…SALES w/ “Clarence”

The cupid Shuffle

5:15pm on Friday’s (quitting time!)

~~ Have a Great Weekend!!~~


  1. GUUUURL You know I had to go buy some OPI….thanks for the sale tip!! I lost my mind over there! LOL

    I MUST try these SJP jeans/clothes line I have been meaning too for the longest!

    Gurl I love my Black Cherry Soda mentalip gloss!!

    Love me some text, e-mail and blog comments they are like little free presents!! YAH!

    Happy Friday!

  2. Love the list. I am still trying to wrap my head around the pickles stuffed with now&later – love both, just never thought of them at the same time. Have a great weekend!!!

  3. dill pickles stuffed with now and laters? pickled pig lips! Dag gurl! You know you are trippin’! lol! I have had dill pickles with a pepperstick in the middle but never now and laters. You are too funny! LOL!

  4. NOOOOOOO! Not the Cupid Shuffle…say it ain’t so, lol.

    So you like Bitten jeans…hmmm…I am in the market for a pair of jeans.

    I love ice cold coca-colas too…aren’t they the best!

    this is such a happy post.

  5. i’ll drink just about anything in slushee form!!!

    pickled pig lips… now what the hell do those taste like! hot pickles with jolly ranchers is good to.

    i’mma have to check out those jeans. i need so good fitting jeans.

  6. OK you on your own with these…
    Dill pickles stuffed with now & laters
    pickled Pig lips

    I feel you on these…
    kisses on the neck
    well fitting bras!
    the Color Purple

    This is just plain cute!!
    playing marco POLO! in stores with Ian when we can’t find each other

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