Weekend Update

I didn’t do too much this weekend, YAY!!

We had dinner at Longhorns Friday night, followed by the movie “Good Luck Chuck” which was actually pretty damn funny! We laughed throughout the whole movie.

Then Sunday I went to the inaugural service for Abundant Life Ministries (ALM’s ). I was late, b/c I got lost in Cahokia LOL.
My friend Kinya’s husband, Nate is a preacher and they have finally branched out and started their own church!! How great is it to see dreams realized?!

The service was great, it’s been a Looooonnnnnggggggg time since I’ve physically set foot into a church. But there was an air of genuineness and sincerity that alot of church’s lack these days. Something about being in the midst of other true believers that gives you that warm fuzzy feeling inside. I will definitely visit again. Who knows, might even end up being a regular church goer again. MIGHT LOL

ooohhh , guess what we found!?! CRAWFISH TAILS!!!! Whoohoo!!! Praise Jesus! They were frozen but still!! I did a little dance in the store, people stopped and stared, Ian laughed. We came home and Ian promptly put on a post of CRAWFISH ETOUFEE!!! Yummy yummy in my tummy!


I have been knitting a cardigan for a my coworkers baby, it has a little Fair Isle in it, I’m just getting to the armhole shaping. I just need to post and take pictures, which is where the problem occurs, hell I just don’t feel like taking and posting the pictures. but I will soon!

I’m OFF today… but I still have class this evening… (insert eyeroll here)

I finally got my ravelry invite, my username is (drumroll) Pajnstl! LOL I joined the Ebony Elite group and that’s about all. I need to go back and update some things.

Everyday you learn something new!! I just discovered that my girl Keli, has an online bookclub called the Cocoa Lounge! So for all you bookworms, head on over and check it out!

okay… going veg out on blogs, message boards, and instant messenger!



  1. WHAT!! You are on Ravelry!!! STOP IT! Let me go add you! LOL

    Isn’t it funny how we “veg” out on other things other than TV now! Haha! My have times changed!

  2. Thanks for the shoutout! and send me a bowl of that etouffee, lol.

    I can just see you
    dancing your jig in the grocery isle…did you do the NO bounce? lol

  3. I see you. Girl, I want to see that movie. Hate you didn’t do much this weekend but I know you’ll make up for it somehow. I hear you’re in school. Congrats, girl. I’ll be praying for you to be steadfast and diligent. Take care!

  4. Girl! I am so glad to see you got some religion in your life. LOL! It’s a good thing! It gives you balance and inspiration as well as saves your soul! I do hope you keep going and you find a good church home.

    Congratulations on your Ravelry membership. Maybe I should consider joining too?

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