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Edit: Why did I just have ANOTHER crier?! ugh… Snotting and crying talk ’bout ‘she can’t even afford to feed herself” Give me a break woman… I told you I needed check stubs, if you make what you claim you make, shouldn’t be a problem, right? RIGHT!

Good Morning!
Today will be a great day! Why? Because I said so! That’s why! Lol

Yesterday was OFF THE FUKING CHAIN!!! I swear somebody was at all the major intersections with a sign saying we were giving out something at the foodstamp office. KNEEGROWS EVERYWHERE!!!!

I had a fresh outta jail religious man (you know how they find God in jail and wanna share him with everybody? Uh huh I know you do), who brought in a sheet of paper with a picture of himself on it and wanted me to accept that as valid I.D.

How ’bout NO!!!

I explained to Mr. Religous, that I need a VALID, meaning state Id, drivers license, prison Id, school id. He tells me I need Jesus!
GTFOH you criminal! (Insert eyeroll) I politely told his ass, No id no food stamps, he has until the 19th, and I will shut that shit DOWN!

Then I had a crier, when she called she was crying; I told her to come in, honestly b/c I didn’t feel like listening to her cry over the phone. Keep in mind EVERY time I talk to this lady she’s crying.
In her defense, she’s an older lady, she having radiation treatments, and she lives alone I think her daughter lives in west virginia. So she has a right to be emotional, hell it could be the radiation.
While I emphathize with her, I just don’t have time to coddle an adult. Period.
Before I go down to see her, I say to myself “just let her talk until they call you again”. We get to the interviewing area, and I just let her talk. And she talked and she cried and she cried and she talked. They called me for another client, and I kindly let her know I had to go b/c I had another client. She thanked me for being so patient with her.
That was my good deed for the day. What did I do on her cases? NOTHING, I just listened. (Please keep in mind that I am not a social worker)

Then… I’m the back~up for my coworker who is out having surgery. Coincidence?! I think not! Bitches. So our backup schedule is supposed to change every month. So can someone please explain why a new one wasn’t done?! How am I always stuck being backup for whoever’s out sick/vacation/or just a general all around fuk~up!
I’m not going in Friday… I need to schedule some appointments and THEN not come in. Hehe (insert evil grin)

Anyway, she’s out with surgery, “supposed” to be back Monday, I’ve seen 5 of her clients since the week started and we were off Monday… why did they ALL say they knew she would be out of the office but she told them to come in and “somebody” would help them!!!! Why was I livid!!!

Am I justified in my pissification?! I think so!! Biatch if you know your ass aint gon be here WTH would you tell them to come on in?!

But you know what, I get paid to ONE persons job in that fuking zoo! So guess who will suddenly and miraculously have a gangload of her own shit to do?! Yep, you guessed it, ME! I am sick of being penalized for doing my job efficiently.
Just b/c I finished my work in a timely manner does NOT mean I have time to do the work of people, that time is allocated for my homework and bloglines! LMAO

So antywhoo, if you read through my work rant, you understand why I am declaring that Today WILL be a great day!! Yes it will!

Now to go brush my teeth and shower, b/c my breath is INSULTINGLY bad! LOL


  1. Now why could you not accept that piece of paper as his ID, lmao! Girl, we ALL could use the Lord. I am too mad at him.

    That was really thoughtful of you…listening to a client in need…God will surely bless you…I don’t know if I have that type of patience.

    You are SO justified in your pissification…I am going to have to use this one,.

    Ewwww, you wrote this with the flaming cee-wee dragon breath…I am too through.

    And yes! Today will be a great day!

  2. Was it not him on the paper?! You know that was him! Y’all folk at the foodstamp office be trippin! Come on now my sistah, give a black man a break! You know he been incarcerated! LMAO

    Did you atleast bring ol girl a tissue?! ROFL

    You ass need to slow that work down or atleast fake like you still working. LOL

    These crack me up! I could not do it. I’m sooooo not a people person under the best circumstances.

  3. it better be a good day after all that!!!!
    me and Adrienne are coming for a sit in. and we bringing our knitting and snacks!

  4. Roflol… KNEEGROWS EVERYWHERE!!!!, but you know it takes a kneegrow to show a sheet of paper with a pic on it as ID… lol. My vocabulary is growing… as I add pissification…LOL

  5. WTH, no he didn’t come in there with his picture on a piece of paper. See, he will be heading back to jail for killing my ass, because I would be LAUGHING MY ASS OFF, straight delirious!!!

  6. @ Adrienne, you aint right lol

    @ Keli… I wanted to tell him to “go ta hell” but that wouldn’t have been professional AT ALL, LOL

    @ Erica… LMAO! No I will not give the Black man a break, nope not doing it :p LOL

    Carm… You and Adrienne are NOT allowed. lol Besides you wouldn’t get too much knitting or snacking done after the smells attack you!

    Sheila…pissification is pretty cool huh?! lol

    urbanknitrix.. RIGHT! LOL

  7. LOL @ Erica!!!
    And I need you to go somewhere and releave some tension with all that cursin’ going on over there!!!
    Go grab some needles and knit! LOL

  8. You are too funny chile! I am sitting here laughing at work and everyone turns the corner and looks at me funny. What’s wrong with ya! You are a trip! “KNEEGROWS”! I had to think a second about that one and throw my head back for a belly laugh. You are too fun to read! You need your own sitcom! “Life as Pat Knows It! ROFLMAO!

  9. Patticake, don’t do the bruh man like that. I mean, as a black woman, if a black man comes up to you with a monopoly chance card and says that that is him and his name is chance, you need to accept that. Racist!

  10. Ummm a piece of paper with a picture of himself on it and he expected you to accept that as a valid form of identification??? {SMH} yeah…ummm that’s classic LOL!!

    And to think he thinks YOU need Jesus…. [The nerve of some folk I tell ya!!!]

    For some reason, reading this post about all the fuckery going on @ your workplace makes me realize I don’t have it THAT damn bad here.

    I am so NOT a people person.

    Diggin the blogspot. You can count on me comin’ back.

  11. Cas… don’t hurt yourself over there laughing! lol

    Thic… why I gotta be a racist?! huh huh. lol

    @ Ms. Behavin’… I’m sooo jacking fuckery! lol Unfortunately I work in a zoo!

  12. Girl, You better believer from 12 pm to 4pm is homework study, write rediculously long annoted papers, and take online quizes. Now if I could talk my boss into this being legal getting paid to do homework I might be considered pimp of the year. What you think? lol

  13. yes you will!!! GOOD DAY!! I WILL IT ON YOU!! a sheet of paper with a picture of himself on it? LMAO!! so funny.

  14. Aww, I hope it was a good day!

    LMAO @ his paper ID. He’s legit PAJ! LOL.

    LOL@ the crier. We have one in my department. (God Bless her and the chin hairs that she can braid) She cries every time she uses up all her vacation and sick time and all of a sudden ‘really needs it’. LOL. Your clients need to meet my workers. They may be distant cousins! LOL

  15. LMAO @ your breath being insultingly bad…HILARIOUS!!! I laughed through this entire post…TODAY WAS A GREAT DAY!!!

  16. LMAO @ your breath being insultingly bad…HILARIOUS!!! I laughed through this entire post…TODAY WAS A GREAT DAY!!!

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