Change is good Right?


I have a new phone.. the sidekick is gone… the Dash is here!!

Downside… I have to manually load 248 contacts!!! šŸ™

Anyone who emails me at pjohnson715 [AT] tmail [dot] com I no longer have access to that email.

My primary email is now PAJNSTL@GMAIL.COM so update it if you had the old one, if you had didn’t have it, here’s your chance. lol

TTYL, going play with the new phone Thanks!

9 thoughts on “Change is good Right?

  1. Only thing I don’t like about the dash is that it does not have a touch screen, but glad you have a new toy…I know the feeling.

  2. Damn…248 contacts to load manually???

    Guess da man won’t be getting any work outta Y-O-U today! šŸ˜‰


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