This Morning

Good Morning!

I woke up this morning singing Yolanda Adam’s “The Battle is Not Yours”, don’t know why since I haven’t heard that song in YEARS!!! lol it was always one of my favorite songs by her though.

I watched the Salt N Pepa show last night lmao when they were performing and Pepa started breaking it DOWN!!! LOL

I also watched that crazy Gotti show… I was so “involved” in the show, Ian threatened to change the channel. lol Put ummm, let me tell you Deb betta not sell that house!!!

I missed the Boondocks!!! NOOOoooooooo!!! lol Good thing it comes on cable so I’ll catch in when it reruns.

I kept Ian up all night watching John and Kate plus 8. The later it got the sillier I acted. I think I was delirious. At one point I was trying to tell him a story and kept saying “this morning” (I stutter when I get excited) so it was like

This morning, this morning, this morning, THIS morning, this MORNING!!, What dahell This morning….

until he finally said “don’t you say This morning not NAN NOTHA time!”

All I could do was laugh.

I finally got it out and after all the damn stuttering the story lost it’s impact. lol


  1. Not nan notha time!! ROFL!!! You and hubby are too cute. I’ve seen John and Kate + 8 and I would KILL myself. Just KILL myself.

  2. I missed Salt and Pepa – did they fight yet? I heard all this talk and can’t wait to see it. I didnt know Gotti still came on, do the boys hair still look fake, like they have been hanging out with Jermaine Jackson! and Ma Dukes looks like Donatella Versace?

  3. Carm, I sent you an email.. it replayed last night at 8 on vh1. Did you catch it?

    Urbanknitrix…no fights yet, just bickering and tears LOL. Not the Gotti boys, although they were funny as hell! LOL But Irv Gotti the rap Producer!

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