Tales from the FS Office

“You should be ashamed of yourself!”

That’s what my last client told me on the phone.

woman GTFOH with that ish!! is what I wanted to tell her ass.

So here’s what happened…

Once a year I have to have a face to face interview with all my clients. JUST once a year. So this ladies case was transferred into my load pending a recertification. So I’m looking through her file to see when she last came into the office, her last face to face appointment was MAY 2005!!!!

So chic is HELLA OVERDUE for a face to face, right? RIIIIGHT!!!! I sent her an appointment letter.

When she got the letter she called in to say she couldn’t make it. I explained to her that if she can’t make it she can appoint someone as an authorized rep to come in for her, but someone HAS to come in.

She said okay, I told her to call me back with the name, date, & time she OR her auth rep would be coming in.

This fool calls me back and starts the conversation by saying:

“You should be ashamed of yourself!!! None of the other caseworkers made me come in and you’re just being mean!!!”

*blank stare*

I say “excuse me? I think I misunderstood you”

She REPEATS herself “you should be ashamed of yourself, making an old lady come in to talk about some foodstamps. I talked to my daughter and my daughter even said you should be ashamed! I’m praying for you, because what you’re doing is NOT pleasing to GOD”

** BLINKING ** yall I’m truly shocked.. LOL!
I compose myself and say

I’m sorry but I don’t have ANYthing to be ashamed of…at any job/place of business/EVEN places of worship (hmph, yes I GUT PUNCHED an old lady) there are rules and regulations that have to be followed. Now I’m sorry you don’t agree with the policies of my organization, but unfortunately my hands are tied in the matter. NOW if you REALLY are displeased with this procedure, I would be more than willing to look up the Representative for your area and you can call him/her to voice your displeasure. (all of a sudden I hear a Dial Tone)

*dancing in my chair..singing “take that!!*

Happy Wednesday to YOU!


  1. No she didn’t have the nerve to say “you’re just being mean”….

    Shew…you should have told her you were just doin’ ya damn job [**somethin’ those other caseworkers obviously were not**].

    I’d have said no offense there granny but ummm ain’t that much benefits in the world to make me lose my damn job over some bull ish so ummm don’tchu be callin’ me talkin’ bout “I’m being mean” you betta call yourself a damn cab and getcha @ss in here foe’ I start closin’ cases!! LOL

    Don’t mind me gurl…I’m just thinkin’ out loud is all. 🙂

  2. First you wanted to hide heart meds, now you’re making the old lady come down to claim her free benefits…

    Shame on you, PAJ! LMAO.

  3. People think you are supposed to cater to them. They get a break once they want one all the time. Did they mention why it was such a mean thing to ask her to come in for a visit. Is she sick or something? A bum leg? What’s the deal. PEOPLE! You just can’t seem to get a break.

  4. You SHOULD be ashamed of yourself. Humph! For making that old lady come in and prove she ain’t getting food stamps for her dead neighbors 40 year old yuck mouth kids. Girl, if I was in your area I would report you for following protocol.

  5. You know what you really should be reported!!! I mean really, first you deny brotha man with his homemade ID and now you are making granny do the crip walk in there. Terrible!!!

    Oh and I will pray for you as well (it seems like a lot of your clients do).

    Thanks for making my day as usual.

  6. WOW!!! You know folks don’t like to be called on their mess lol!! SHE should be ashamed of herself and I am so glad you stuck it to her GOOD lol.

  7. This line is hillarious:

    I say “excuse me? I think I misunderstood you”

    Ha! Again, I don’t know how you do it. You are such a good woman.

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