Psst… Come Here Man

Good Morning People of Zamunda! lol

How was your weekend?

Mine was fine.. I didn’t do too much, my crazy aunt* is visiting and acting the FOOL!!! I’m SO ready for her to GO AWAY LOL

Ian found the “Psst come here man” (in new orleans no matter what part of town you were in, the bootleggers.. I mean Urban Entrepreneurs, ALWAYS said “Psst… come here for a minute” then proceeded to show you their wares. So a friend and I started calling them the Psst.. Come Here Man).

Anyway for $10 buckeroos, we indulged ourselves in some Jilly from Philly talking bout Crown Royal (my fav track on the disc), Rihanna’s ella ella a a a, and Kechia Cole’s like daaaaamn thas hot.

Then got our American Gangsta on with Denzel and TI (who prolly shouldn’t have gotten the role, seeing how he can’t seperate acting from reality). No spoilers here… but lemme say this.. Frank Lucas was a FOOL!

I’ve finished my work Work, I have a little bit of school work to do, then it’s me and my urban novella and some Caramel Delites ( I got hit up by the Girl Scout parents) I swear somebodies kid is ALWAYS selling something!

*Crazy Aunt is my monthly* ugh

Have a Happy MONDAY!!!


  1. I indulged in a… ahem “pre-screening” of American Gangster also. Frank Lucas was truly gangster! Dude on the street… and then he went back and sat down at the table like nuthin! That’s gangster!

  2. LOL @ Zamunda Too funny!! :oD

    Okay I so need to get me some Ms. Scott! UGH!

    See y’all got me scared to watch American Gangsta now!! You know I am scary!

    They are selling GS cookies already up there?!? They won’t start here until January….I already have my case of Samoas on pre-order since I won’t be a pusher this year! YAH!! :oD

  3. I need to see American gangsta!! Ifeel LEFT OUT! LOL I too love crown royal and iceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee crown royal and iiiiiccccccccccceeeeee lol

  4. i’mma gon head and get Jilly.

    my crazy aunt showed her ass this morning. she lucky she don’t bother me and i just have to remind myself to check on her cause i don’t feel shit when she comes. she just be showing up without a warning. i HAVE to count or i’d be out and about in some major red trouble!!!! but all in all i still can’t wait for her ass to go away.

    to bad hubby doesn’t work where he used to… or i’d seen American Gangster. guess i’ll heve to be legit about seeing it.

  5. You just aren’t like the rest of us are you dear. Why can’t you say Aunt Flo like the rest of us! LOL! That heifer is my nemesis for sure but she just barges in and interupts my life.

    I don’t get why people buy the bootleg stuff. I really don’t! My Dad used to buy them and the quality is so shoddy I want to turn them into the police! Uggghhh! I hope your hookup was a good one. I kinda want to see Amercian Gangsta. I like Denzel to play a bad role.

    I guess I have to keep hope alive for you!

  6. Bark like a dog….


    “A big dog”


    HAy girl…hope you had a awesome weekend

  7. lol i really thought you were calling your actual aunt crazy.

    I am SO ready to see American Gangster. Maybe I need to find the Pss, come here man, lol.

    I know watching Denzel act a fool will only make me fall deeper in love *sigh*.

  8. Thanks for no spoilers because I plan to see my baby’s daddy…I mean, Denzel…this weekend.

    Thanks for the tag!

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