She REALLY had me going! lol

So in Cas latest blog she mentioned Chihuahua Cheese, so I ever so innocently asked “what the hay is chihuahua cheese?” Here’s her response:

Well deary!

Chihuahua cheese is made by gathering around twelve dozen little
chihuahuas which have recently given birth and milking their little nipples.
They then take the milk and make about 1 ounce of cheese.

Silly girl!

It’s a white cheese sort of in the neighborhood of Monterey Jack but softer.
I think it is named for the region of Mexico it comes from. You can
find it in most Mexican grocery stores and larger retail grocery stores
especially the ones that are in Mexican areas. It’s a really good cheese
and it melts so well! I guarantee you will like it! Have a good one!

Can someone tell me WHY I thought she was serious @ the bolded section! LMAO I was like Cas has lost her dayum MIND, aint no way i’m eating that mess!!!


I finished reading and FELL the hell out laughing!!! Sometimes I can be so gullible! lol

Have a great day!


  1. I never mentioned chihuahua cheese on the blog dear! Get the story straight! LOL! I was talking about a terrific recipe I was thinking about posting on the blog since you didn’t like cream cheese. Dayum! Get the story straight! LOL!

    Glad I made you laugh! With the day you had I am sure you could use it!

  2. Don’t feel bad, I probably would have fallen for it too. So now I’ll NEVER eat that cheese because I’ll always think about this. EWWW! LOL

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