not nan notha time…

In my english class there’s this girl, a really nice girl, pleasant to be around, not overly ghetto or bougie, ya know cool to talk to during class. However, there is one thing about this girl that drives me absolutely nuts!


This girl as sweet as she is has worn those shoes to EVERY SINGLE CLASS! She has not missed A single solitary day! She wears them with jeans, with skirts, with dresses, with a hoodie, when her hairs down, when her hairs pulled up, in the rain…

I just want to take those shoes off of her feet and toss them out of the 3rd floor window!!! It’s been really cool at night here so I thought we’d FINALLY come to a point where she would retire said shoes for the winter, NOPE she came strutting into class with these shoes on AGAIN!

By no means would I call myself a “shoe whore” BUT you can also trust and know that you won’t catch ya girl in the same pair of shoes on day after day!

LOL I know yall are saying “if she wanna wear the same pair of shoes let her wear the same pair of shoes” but yall I promise everytime I see those shoes I want to scream!!!

Have a fun and safe weekend!

Happy Birthday Adrienne!


  1. LOL!! Too funny!

    I “almost” thought they were yours and then I knew better! Haha!

    All you know is this gurl does not have another pair of shoes! :op

  2. Girl, I have been waiting for your post all day and it was worth it!!!

    You must have said let me take a picture of your shoes they are so cute….

    Those must be her freakem shoes. Are the heels messed up, that is what I can’t stand!!!

  3. You are too much. Maybe she is a Diva in the making or something. Leave that chile alone you meanie! LOL!

    Have A Good One!

  4. That is STRAIGHT COMEDY! I can’t believe it… With a Hoodie. You have GOT to be exaggerating. LOL

    I just want to know HOW long you’re going to be able to keep your cool and not say anything. LOL

  5. girl maybe she just love them shoes…

    now i will wear the same shoes everyday …but only tennis shoes or flip flops. no dress shoes. they don’t look comfortable. when ya’ll are ace boon coons ask that heffa for us okay??! cause she trippin. it is not warm here and if i ear my flip flops i have to put on some socks!

  6. Awwww, maybe those are the only shoes she has that are presentable.

    They are really not that cute, they must be comfortable.

    Lol at you taking a pic of the shoes.

  7. In her 20s my mom used to wear high heels EVERY DAY. She had wardrobe standards which I did not inherit. Anyway there were these everyday shoes she had that cost her a grip. So much so that she’d gotten them repaired several times. After the shoes retired, my grandma decided that SHE had grown too accustomed to them to let them be thrown away. A while ago I acquired these shoes but have yet to wear them or tell my mom I have them. The less comfortable shoes were saved for special occasions. FYI, my mom ended her reign as Fashionista extroridaire with several foot surgeries. These are obviously this young woman’s going to class pumps. Ask her, I’m dying to know for real.

  8. I think the problem isn’t the fact that she is wearing the same shoes everyday… (I’m going to leave that be) I think it’s the fact they are dressy sandals, like what you would wear with a church banquet.. I would be surprised if they were satin.

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