Locked Out!

Good Morning Vietnam!

How was your weekend? Mine was good hung out with Ian, went to (gasp) church, watched a movie that made me want to lay down in front of a car it was so bad (Reign on Me). And I did some knitting!

I finished the hat, and started on a scarf but changed my mind 3 repeats from the end, ripped it back and started a different scarf! LOL INSANE IN DA MEMBRANE

ummm, I sooo enjoyed my extra hour of sleep, i didn’t even set the clock or alarm… just woke up naturally. No annoying dj’s cackling about the lastest events, no annoying hip hop song talking bout Shawty U A 10, just me and the birds.

Got up showered, fixed me something to eat, got dressed, got my grip, headed to the car and guess what NO KEYS!


That’s right! I didn’t drive all weekend, so my keys were in my purse which was safe and sound in the locked trunk of the car. (shrug)

Good thing I didn’t slam the house door!

Of course I call Ian then my sup, cop a squat on the sofa, plug in the laptop to say HEY tomy friends!!! HEY YALL

Ian tried to call me back, (I don’t turn my ringer on on my cell until way later in the day) So I missed his calls (note the plurality of the calls) So when I call him back he’s having a conniption fit about me not answering the phone. OOOPS My bad baby!

He left his boop boop thingy home, on the sofa table… YAY me, he doesn’t have to come all the way home.. whoo hoo..

Got the keys out of the car, came back to finish my post… What?! I already let them know I was going to be late.

Well I guess i’d better get going now… I start work in 9 minutes 🙂 hehehe Did I have any appts this morning? hmmm Oh well

I have pics to post LATER 😛
I have HW to do that I forgot all about
I have to call my Godsister
Catch up on my blogger amigos
… ummm I think that’s about it on my morning todo list

Have a GREAT DAY!!


  1. LOL @ you managing to lock your keys and purse inside the trunk of your car.

    Ummm DA HELL?!?!?!

    Gurl…truth be it told, I can’t think of a single thing I’d have done differently if it happened to me so I ain’t even madat’cha.

    LMAO @ you thinkin’ that song Shawty U A 10 is annoying.

    I used to think so too for bout’ a week but now…it’s grown on me so ummm…THAT’S MY SAWNG!!!!!

    Hope you’re having a better day now that you arrived to work. [Assuming, you made it there by now.]

  2. Gurl you are something else! :oD

    *gasp* I can’t believe Reigh on Me is ont good!!
    LOL @ lay right in front of a car! Haha!
    *pooh* it is already on its way to me! Ugh! Well I guess I can get a lot of knitting done while it is on! Haha!

    You have a good week mi amiga!! ;oD

  3. you sound like me!

    why did my husband make it home ae worth the energy to even try to make it to the LYS. i’mma try to get over there one day. who knows when.

  4. Not ly down in front of a car? Man! I almost thought about renting that DVD when I get some down time…maybe not. lol

    I enjoyed my extra hour of sleep too, well…I guess I actually woke up at the same time. But it made getting up Monday morning all the easier.

    You and Ian are too funny.

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