Toldja I worked in a zoo…

This was the scene at outside my office a little while ago….
Wild Horses

and inside the office! See… A zoo inside and out! (insert evil grin here) lol

Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Circus is in town for the weekend. And they happen to travel by railway, which conveniently is located behind our office.
Can you see that WE are an easily amused and entertained bunch of people?!
Can you see that nobody is working right now?! LOL
Enjoy your evening! 🙂


  1. Too Funny, err’ body is looking out the window. I can’t talk, I was oogling the deer that was outside my office window yesterday. You work in the zoo and I work in the dang forest.

  2. I’m all late and just caught this, but this is too damn funny. I can’t lie though, I would have been posted up at the window right along with them.

  3. So that’s what be goin’ on @ the food stamp office that people got to be up in that piece [waiting around to see a caseworker] from the time the shyt open til the time that shyt close huh?!?!?


    That’s a daggone shame!!!

  4. OOOOO the CIRCUS!!!

    LOL!! you are funny though, talking about zoo inside and out…silly!!

    Thanks for stopping by my page and commenting, much appreciated!!

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