Let ’em have it!


~ I am so tired.. It feels like someone fastforwarded through the part of my life last night that I was supposed to be sleep. I had to stop for gas this morning, ugh.. I was a little salty about that, since Ian was SUPPOSED to do it for me, but he didn’t.

I don’t like gas stations or the fact that I’m paying 2.92 a gallon. That’s money could be used elsewhere. I wish I could teleport myself around town… Ya know like the chic from I dream of Jennie.

~ I drive past the Arch everyday on my way to work.

~ So glad I’m not his back up this month Hallelujah… Folks are strolling in here for him, lol… NOW they see why I used to bitch. heheheh KONG not happy!

~ There are some pretty cool toys in the wal-mart wish guide! I found myself saying “oooh I want that!”

~ I should go take a nap in the car

~ I’m not cooking alot of stuff for Thanksgiving~ seafood dressing, a small pot of gumbo, baked macaroni, a small ham, and sweet potato pie, and prolly a cake. That’s it and that’s all.

~ lol… one time me and my bff in high school, put dish washing liquid in our other “friends” pancakes. LMAO we still laugh about that to this day!!! she was blowing bubbles it was hilarious… She still won’t let us fix her breakfast. lol

~ Grandma’s sandwich cookies are da ish!

~ I baked a Key Lime pie this weekend… ate one slice, now it’s just sitting in the fridge.

~ awww hell, there they go paging me again… ughhh… I REALLY don’t want to interview nobody… I just want a nap, thats all

~ “Frankie & Johnny ‘Let ’em have it’ buy today and get Free chicken box! Who say I say, Frankie say I say $50 down put cha in a living room set or bedroom setTODAY! Let ’em have it”
lol that’s a commercial for a local furniture in new orleans.. No matter age, color, class… you KNEW that commercial

I guess I’d better go see my client… let’s hope they are sane…

One more day till the 3-day weekend! Whoohoo!!!


  1. Now you know they are not going to be sane!! If they are good for you, hope your wishful thinking pans out for ya.

  2. $2.92? Po baby. Try $3.49. Fools got me bought to rob the gas station at gun point. That’s almost $200 a month in gas. Wo lawd.

  3. That was so mean with the breakfast! Too funny! I would have loved to see her face.

    What’s wrong with the key lime pie?

    Gas is definitely cheaper your way than mine! We are paying over $3 a gallon here! Hush your foolishness and be happy! LOL!

    That was the ish. Did anyone ever buy from them though. Nobody I knew ever did. And when u pass or look in the window u dont see ppl coming out, going in, or looking around inside. I think that was a front.
    Im wit u on the gas situation. It makes me stay close to home on the weekends. Lol
    I got one for you. “Yall come back now ya hear”. Bet u dont remember that one.

  5. I WISH we could pay $2.92 here for gas! We are now at $3.07!!!!! And that is for the cheap octane! UGH!

    And I hate you some more with “I am off for Veteren’s Day” I don’t get off, but I did take Friday as a vacay day! :op But to get some car work done…sigh

  6. lol A.. she deserved it!

    urbanknitrix.. it think you jinxed me! lol

    Cas… she was BLOWING BUBBLES!! it was priceless!! LOL

    POP.. I know the jingle but for the life of me.. can’t remember where it come from. Oh well ” YOU come back now, ya hear”! LOL

    LOL how you gon hate… you got the day off…not my fault you gonna be doing car stuff :p

  7. no vegetables for Thanksgiving???
    i made some gumbo for the first time last night… it was pretty good. don’t know if thats what gumbo supposed to be like but i liked it!

    gas make me not wanna go no where!

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