I’m a Racist…

according to my client!

LOL These people I can’t do nothing but laugh at…

So my client (who I’ve never met in person) calls my supervisor to request a new case worker. My sup asked her why? Since I rarely get those type of calls, and the client tells her that “while I was nice to her and helped her get her medicaid on, she thinks I’m racist and don’t like white people”

lol When my sup told me this I FELL OUT LAUGHING!!!

I asked my sup, so what did you tell her?

Sup: I told her, well ma’am I’m white and i’ve never gotten that impression from Patrice, and she’s one of my best workers, so I just find that hard to believe.

my sup said the client then said, Well I just don’t think I should have to have my son write a letter, none of my other case workers asked for a letter from him, they just took my word that he gives me the money for my bills.

My sup said she told her I’m sorry your previous case workers didn’t do their job but, you will have to provide that letter.

Then she said the client hung up on her.

LMAO… so basically I’m a racist who does her job (shrugs) I’ve been called worse. LOL

3hrs 15mins to my 3day weekend and I can NOT wait!

lol Happy Friday to ya!


  1. Four Days for me!!!! People sure know how to work a nerve just before that well deserved weekend! Have a good one!!

  2. Da fugg these folk think??

    Y’all are just s’posed to take their word??

    These are tax payers dollars that put money in their pockets [no matter how small the damn amount]…

    If all she gotta do *to do her part* is get her son to write a damn letter then so be it. Why da hell is that so hard?!?!?!


    P.S. I have to work on Monday so ummm it’s official…I’m hatin’ [LOL]

    Hope you have a Great Weekend tho’ 🙂

  3. A trip and a 1/2!!

    Stacey I can’t wait to cross the door seal.. thinking bout skipping class too! LOL

    Urbanknitrix… now why you gon come over here bragging bout yo 4 days!?! lol Enjoy ’em!

    Ms. behaving… girl if she was telling the truff it wouldn’t be no issues of racism. so what that tell ya!

  4. People need to find something to do with their life. Geez! LOL! I can see why you can’t wait for the weekend!

    Have Fun on your long weekend. I miss having all the holidays off! It was great!

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