12hrs No Interruptions (pic heavy)

Started and Finished: Last Sunday, Needle: Size 10 16″ circs, Pattern: R&R beret By Saunshine (Free Pattern), Yarn: Dream in Color Superwash Merino 370-CloudJun

I’m still working on this scarf… I’m about half way done.

Started: last Sunday, Needle: Size 10 16″circs, Pattern: Irish Hiking Scarf (free pattern) Yarn: Dream in Color Classy Superwash Merino in 370-CloudJun

Yesterday, I worked from about 7am to 7pm on this jacket and top.
The denim was 2.96/yd and I used 3/yds to make it. The jacket is suppose to have 6 buttons on, as of now I don’t have any, I don’t know if I will use 6, I’m thinking of using 1 in the middle, I dunno, What do you think?

The jacket was made from Simplicity pattern 4109 view A, the top is New Look 6731 view D.
I found the material for the top at walmart $2/yd and used 2 yds for this shirt. I followed the pattern as written except I did not add the elastic to the wrist. This was a VERY EASY pattern to follow and put together.
The pleat in the back of the jacket was my own modification. The pattern was written so that the back was 1piece, but when I finished the jacket it wasn’t very flattering on me. I’m still a girl and girls have curves!! So I stitched a pleat and used scrap material to add some detail.The pattern also did NOT call for a lining, BUT I wanted the jacket to be 1. Warm, and 2. Pretty on the inside and out. This was my 1st time lining a jacket, hell my 1st time making a jacket PERIOD. I lined the body of the jacket, not the sleeves with light blue and white striped cotton.

What I would do differently is add the lining towards the end, b.c when I sewed the pockets on the stitches show in the lining. I know better next time.


  1. Gurl…with three expensive chi’rren of my own and a grandson on the way in another month, I need to learn how to sew myself.

    Shew…I can imagine it would save me some pretty pennies.

    Great stuff girl.

    Teach me how…TEACH ME NOW!!! LOLOLOL

  2. You better be doin’ the dang thang over there!!!!

    Gurl you didn’t sew up an outfit for less than $10 bucks now! Do it! Do it!!

    Love the jacket and great mods!!

  3. Go Girl! I love that hat and the jacket is too cute.

    Makes me wish I could knit and all that. I can barely sew a button. Lol.

  4. So you just had yourself a whole crafty day…lucky! Love the jacket & that top. Oh, and the beret is cute! Great job on everything!

  5. Wow! You took my sewing mojo away! That explains why I didn’t get to do any this weekend! LOL! You did a great job! I like how you changed the back of the jacket. Really cute! The top is really cute too. Wal Mart has some good fabric out there. Everyone check it out! LOL!

  6. Wow! You’ve done a GREAT job for never having sewn a jacket. God I wish I didn’t have such a sewing handicap. Isn’t it great how really productive crafters can be with long weekends?

  7. @ goddess, girl i just learned how to knit this summer.. its never too late to learn πŸ˜‰

    @ BGood, thanks i cant wait til it’s cool enough to wear it!
    @ nikkij , girl I’m so glad i had that time to relax andbe crafty!! Need more wkends like that for sure!!

    @ nittygritty, thank you girl!! πŸ™‚

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