One plate maximum!

Happy Hump/Project Runway Premiere Day!!

Can you tell i’m excited about the premiere? lol

I’m sitting in the interview area waiting on my hearingto begin, it was supposed to start at 10am, it’s 10:13 now… there’s plenty I could be doing upstairs in terms of work, but i’m here people watching… wasting time.

I woke up early this morning and just layed around… sometimes the bed just feels tooo good to me.

i have test tonight, wish i didnt… i’m ready for this semester to be over!

I start a lot of my statements with I. I this I that.. oh well

Apparently my inlaws decided amongst themselves that they didnt have any money and that Ian and I should do thanksgiving at our house. ughhh how bout NO!
I was prepared to go to their house like always, even thoug i always fix a meal for me and Ian to have when we get back home.
Now i wouldnt have a problem having thanksgiving at my house, BUT you are NOT gonna TELL me 2weeks before, and expect me to prepare food for 8 opposed to 2. seafood is NOT cheap!!!

SO I told Ian, call them all up and tell them i need 15 from every adult so that i can purchase additional 8lbs of shrimp, dozen crab, a whole ham instead of a half ham, seasonings, dessert fixings, etc.

the only one to respond was my sis in law, she’s still crying broke, theoths havent responded yet.

its no biggie to me, b/c either way Ian and I will be getting our GRUB ON!!

We’ll see how it plays out, and while i would never be mean and deny them food, I will make sure that they know it’s not a free for all!! if you didn’t put in, dont be expecting, to get ‘itis-like full’!

am i being extra about this? I don’t think I am…. ANTYWAY…. i’m going do this hearing.



  1. Hmmmmm, you gotta be careful with this one because you know family has the tendency sometimes to blow things out of proportion.

    How bout this…Just do the dinner, have enough for everyone to get “itis full” and kindly mention that if they want to do it at your house again, you’re going to need more than two weeks advance notice, because this really caught you off guard. Claim you gonna have to go without something (like paying utilities late, or getting Ian what you really wanted to for xmas) cause you just wanted this to be a nice day. Say something like “we should be able to talk, right so wouldn’t just one person have to be put out.” Then next year, have your real stand off. It’s not like they weren’t given advance notice.

    Me and my family do pot luck every year and since they think I can’t cook (even though they’ve never really tasted my cooking), I get away with bringing Brown N’ Serve rolls every year. 😉

  2. I don’t think your being too hard, but that is just me.

    I say come strong or stay at home! You did right, they should pay it is last minute notice. ME. I would have told them, no Turkey day at my house – guess what, I AM BROKE TOO!! and cook for me and mines.

  3. You…
    being X-tra???

    I mean it’s not like this was something you planned.

    Instead this was imposed on you…so the bottom line is folk need to get in where they fit in [and come up out dem’ pockets with a small donation] or else get da hell on.

  4. I would fix the dinner at my cost and if they didn’t like it they wouldn’t ask me again. No fuss no pre-Thanksgiving confrontations. The next time they will think twice about asking you. Sit back relax and watch their stomachs grumble! Tee Hee! I never have these issues personally. It’s just me and my immediate family. My Mom and I have already divied up the work and we are all good. I am sorry to hear they have done this to you but I say take it in stride and do what you can do. No one can ask for more.

  5. Wow, how nice of them to volunteer your services. I hate that. I know one thing, I would have JUST enough food…no one’s taking home plates of nothing.

  6. LOL @ nikkij and your Brown n Serve rolls! lol

    If I don’t have any $$ buy the time I make groceries friday, then i’m going forward with my original plan, Dinner for 2!

    And letting the chips fall where they may. I think asking for a few dollars from everybody would be fair, especially since it’s short notice.

    We shall see!

  7. No turkey for them.
    Fuck it.

    No dressing for them.
    Fuck it.

    They just don’t understand.
    You cook for you and ur man.

    I say to hell with them. If they can’t donate they can’t participate. You and ur husband have a great Thanksgiving with the ones that REALLY LOVE YALL. And thats each other.

  8. I completely agree with Pops!!! :oD

    You did good to offer up put $15 on it!! :op

    I say everyone do Turkey Day at their own house!!

    And it ain’t two weeks away it is NEXT week!!

  9. I HATE that last minute mess. And then to have the AUDACITY to TELL you it’ll be at your house. PUHLEEZE! I don’t blame you for telling people to chip in. I woulda done the same.

  10. I stopped looking at PRW after the first series and my girl aint win. nice blog hit me up sometimes

  11. gurl that shit is next week. you better let ’em know a weeks notice is a no go. i wouldn’t fix shit. matter of fact i would just stay home. and call they asses later while i was eating mines and wish them a happy thanksgiving! naw for real i’m not that mean. i’d say you got 2 choice.
    1. cook and be like i don’t know if there is enough because i didn’t have any help.
    2.cook and don’t answer the door. i am that mean

    now did Ian tell his moms it was ok for ya’ll to have TG without talking to you first? cause i’d be like you cook then. naw don’t do that. but for really real. i’d tell Ian to tell them that they aren’t being real and if that was the plan then it should have been that from the git go. and they knew they was broke a month ago. that shit don’t just all the sudden change.

  12. @ Carm… Girl I’m over here ROLLING laughing at you!!! Not opening the door is priceless!!

    @ Torrance… You’re missing out on PR! Don’t sleep on it lol

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