That man I married….

He’s strong enough to say NO, and I actually listen! (no easy feat)

He’s soft enough to pray for me and cry in frt of me.

He’s caring enough to sit through all my reality t.v shows and actually pay attention, even though I know he HATES them.

He’s kind enough to give me his last $10 cash, so I can go buy unecessary stuff.

He loves me to a fault, even when I was fucking up, he never strayed.

He stepped up when I got tired of handling the finances… and the lights haven’t been cut off yet!! LOL

He knows the difference between making love, having sex, and straight fucking… and he does all 3 so fucking well

He Loves GOD

He always puts my feelings first

He’s so damn cute and foine, has the prettiest skin.

He’s talented and can cut the shit outta some hair.

He cuts the grass, rakes the leaves, and takes out the trash without me saying a word

He’s good for me and to me.

He’s my bestest friend


  1. aww that was cute!!! i wish i’d known he cut hair before i found my son a barber. i got tired of cutting it. and i don’t have the skills to cut it the way he wants it anymore.

  2. I stumbled across your page, and as a married man, I say thank you. It feels good just to see another good married guy get some love.

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