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I don’t wanna be here…

It took an act of God to get me out of bed this morning!!! I was thisclose to calling in coughsickcouch (like the rest of my team members), If I had known…
Antywhoo, I had a great weekend… thanksgiving was fun, I ate waay too many pies and I’m sure they will show up on my hips in a few days. lol

Off-topic, one of my bestest friends in the whole wide world, started blogging!!! So go over and show her some love over at My Mundane Life.

OK! back to my story…

The in laws showed up on full force and were nice enough to bring a 12 pack of coke. Wasn’t that nice of them?! LOL yes I said typed that with TONS O’ SARCASM. Ian kindly told them it wasn’t enough and they bought 1 more 12pack. smh So glad that it’s his family and not mine!!

His niece “K” was glued to my hip the entire time… at some point I turned around and almost SMASHED the kid!! LOL Ian busts out with “Damn Trice, why don’t you just put her in your pocket” I laughed so damn hard!! Her little feelings were hurt, but NOT enough for her to detach. lol

Thursday night I went online to scope out the sales I wanted to hit. 1st stop JoAnn’s… Well I’ve been having my eye on a dress form for ages, I’d seen the add in the circular, but it didn’t have any details. So I pulled it up looked at the specs for the one on the black Friday circular… Then I browsed around and found THIS one for $10 bucks more it’s the 151!!! Then I got FREE shipping. So in total I paid 107.81 for a dress form that was originally $229.00 w/o tax or shipping.!!! I just saw that it’s still on sale for Cyber Monday 😉 HALLELUJAH!!!

Saturday, Went to the hairdresser (MOHAIR & CO), I met Maureen in my accounting class… She’s a true character and has absolutely NO brain/mouth filter (match made in heaven, well accounting, huh?) lol We always joke around in class and stuff.. So when her car broke, Instead of letting her catch the bus at night I offered to bring her home, since she lives on the way to my house. So it’s no big deal… well every time I brought her home she would try to give me $, and I would refuse. Then I started finding $ stashed in my book sack, that she was putting in there when I was running my mouth or just not paying attention. So one day, I was like GIRL DO NOT GIVE ME ANY $$, I’m fine, it’s not out the way. And she was like I just feel like I should.

So we ended up making an arrangement that she would do my hair in exchange for me bring her home.
Anyway, I LOVE MY HAIR!!!! Maureen gave me the cutest little choppy bob!!! I love it I love it I love it! It’s the kind of hair that moves when I turn my head, she didn’t burn me with the flat irons either! I will be going back 🙂 ( I have pics of that too, at home, in the camera)

Sunday I went to church at Abundant Life Ministries and the church is over in Illinois. Sooo, I after service, I got this tugging deep down in my spirit that if I went to the SUPERWALMART, I would be GREATLY rewarded! Not wanting to be disobedient, I went, and let’s just say, I hit the mother load!!! 7 pcs of material for $14!!! PRAISE HIM!! (I will post pics of my finds when I get home).

I leave Walmart and i’m headed home, this trip usually takes about 35-40minutes TOP, including the crawl across the Mississippi due to traffic. Why did it take me 2 hrs to get home?! lol I’d made it across the bridge, and was scooting along I-70, when all of a sudden BRAKE LIGHTS, there’s an accident.. I can see the fire trucks and ambulances, no one is moving… so being the clever diva that I am… I decide to get off the interstate and take the back roads (keep in mind I really don’t know any back roads in this silly ass city). So I’m driving along Hall st, which is through this industrial area. My plan was to drive parallel to the interstate and then cut back on a major street. BOY was I WRONG!!! I drove until I got to Bellefountaine “Oh! I know that street, let me turn here” is what I said to myself. So now I’m driving along Bellefountaine and I see a road marker for I-270. WTH! Can someone PLEASE tell me how dahell I end up approaching 270 which is like a beltway that circles around I-70?!

I’m still not panicked, I call Ian tell him I’ll be a little later than I expected. Turn my music up and start jamming, now when I actually get to the interstate, I ASSUME i should go 270 WEST, because in my logical/brainiac mind, I figure Illinois is EAST, I live in the western part of the city near the airport, I do NOT want to go EAST, so on the west onramp I go… and I’m driving and driving and NOTHING is looking familiar, then I see a sign that says “Welcome to Illinois” WTF!!!!

Antywhoo, i got off and turned my ass around and FINALLY made it home!!


  1. Glad you had a good Thanksgiving, even with all the coke! 🙂 I went to Collinsville, IL for work a few years ago, and we flew into STL – so I had to make the trek to IL. Talk about a fish out of water, I was LOST! Thankfully I finally found my way there, about 2 hours late. 🙂

  2. A coke and a smile!!! Awesome!!! Glad you had a nice Turkey Day!!! My sense of directions is terrible, so I understand.

  3. You didn’t have a bad Thanksgiving at all. Good buy on the dress form! I am going to make myself a duct tape dress form until I get my finances in the order I would like.

  4. I have NO words.. This was all WAY too funny. I just came from Walmart too and walked away with fabric that had to be made in a child sweatshop it was priced SO low.

  5. LMAO at your in-laws. That mess is hilarious! I’m sure it wasn’t to you though. lol

    Yall so mean making the little girl feel bad. She just love her some Aunty Patricy. Lol

    Glad you found someone to do your hair and they do a good job. I need my hair done SOOOO bad.

    OH MY GOSH! 2 hours. You poor baby! I would have been SO mad.

  6. wow… so was there enough food???

    it is so hard to find a good stylist! i’m still looking!

    good buy on the drees form.

    yeah…um you need to invest in a GPS. i’m like that and i’ve lived here all my life. 270 ans 170 run in differnt directions. it is so easy to get mixed up here. i had a friedn that lived in the city. and everytime i went to her house i got lost. i just stop going. i hate the city. i rarely go down there.

  7. wow… so was there enough food???

    it is so hard to find a good stylist! i’m still looking!

    good buy on the drees form.

    yeah…um you need to invest in a GPS. i’m like that and i’ve lived here all my life. 270 ans 170 run in differnt directions. it is so easy to get mixed up here. i had a friedn that lived in the city. and everytime i went to her house i got lost. i just stop going. i hate the city. i rarely go down there.

  8. Girl? A 12 pack of coke? What happened to the money? They could not bring some dinner rolls, I mean…a couple of packs of brown and serve? Wow! Let me stop…I had to deal with my sister’s trifling mooching in-laws…they don’t never want to chip in, but they are always the first to the table…*smh*

    That’s nice of your classmate? And you’re good…I would have thought I was just misplacing money. Not too many people like her, she is taking into account that you have to Gas up your car…and she would rather pay for that gas then to sit at the bus stop…well I know I would. But the hair arrangement is not bad…

    You are wrong at tugging at your spirit to go to SuperWalmart…left the mega church to hit up the megastore, lol.

  9. I KNEW you would fold!!! Told ya!! ;op Haha!

    Glad you found so many great deals during the holidays. Love that dressform and now more ducktape form!! :oD

    When I grow up one day I plan to get one too!

  10. Girl don’t feel bad I have In laws that do the same thing.We could have a dinner with 20 people and I would tell my brother in law to bring the drinks, he would bring a six pack of beer and he would make sure he drinks two of them!!!:(
    While I didn’t get the dress form they had on sale at JoAnn’s when I got there they were all gone!!:(

    But I did have a great Thankgiving and I am glad you did too!!!

  11. Well, as long as you made it through the day. You can look back and laugh, get pissy, whateva. I was looking at that JoAnn’s dress form too, but I decided to buy xmas presents for the kids instead. I even had coupons I could have used with it. It’s cool you have someone to barter with for something you need.

  12. Ummm, well on the bright side they brought refreshments. lol

    I kinda know the area you live in….at least I think I do. My sister used to live pretty close to the airport. It was right across the street from a college/university of some sort….the bel nor area I think is what is was called????

    Glad you and the fam had a great turkey day!

  13. THis was an entertaining post… a 12 pack..and girl the sales… on Friday were off the chain!
    Thank you Lord for her obedience…
    Thanks for stopping by my spot.

  14. That sounds like my adventure this morning. Sometimes, its just better to roll with the traffic. Those “back roads” will get ya! Glad you made it eventually!!

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