Weekend Update

Hey everybody! How was your weekend?!

Mine was pretty good, although I missed the 2nd party, I didn’t hear my phone when Nichole called, and I needed directions :(. That was the one I was really looking forward to going to! lol

Antywhoo…I did attend the “girls night out” event for the church that I visit, and well… I will be the first to admit I have a brain/mouth filter that DOES NOT always work! So I managed to piss a few of the ladies off, when I voiced my opinion on how christians should live. lol
My view was significantly different from others and i’m okay with that. I believe that being a christian/saved does not mean you can’t listen to rap/r&b, wear pants, go to parties, have a drink every now and then. Personally, I believe that in order to be an effective christian and witness for Christ, you MUST be aware of what’s going on in the world, the music/trends, ie… the things that the devil uses to lure you in. We do NOT live in bubbles, we live/work/and play in the “world”, you can’t seclude yourself from the “world”, it’s impossible! The only thing you can do know what YOUR strongholds are, the areas where YOU are weak…. and avoid those things. And while those things are your issues/weaknesses does not mean its someone elses weakness… and I feel that blanket statements like “You should not have ANYTHING to do with the world if you are saved” are not appropriate. That’s just my opionion! It’s all about balance!! I did have fun, and my games went over very well!

I got some sewing done this weekend too!

Simplicity New Look 6697

OH!!! Do you see what came in the mail? That’s right yall… One of the MOST important/helpful tools for people who sew my Singer 151!! Woot Woot!

And I started draping this little jacket, that i’m going to pair with a pencil skirt made out of the same fabric. I just cut and pinned and sewed and pinned and sewed. until it started to look like something. I’m using orange thread in a zigzag stitch. The white stripes you see were already in the material, it’s just the way if came, so I’m working with it.


  1. See, this is one of the main reasons I don’t fellowship like I should. I can’t stand so-called, wannabe Christians that are forever judging somebody else… God wants them to fall back so he can handle his own business. While they are walking around thumping those Bibles, maybe they should actually read the scripture. Okay… not gonna blog in your comments… I’m passionate about this! LOL Your dress is really great and it the fit is superb!

  2. nice work!!!!

    ibelieve that Christians should represent God but how many actually do. and you right we live in the world and have the free will to do whatever. me personally, i do my dirt and can’t judge anyone else for doing theirs. i know i will have to answer for whatever i do. i just don’t know anymore what is right and wrong. when you go through what i did with a former chuch you just get all confused. so i just do what i can and pray my punishment won’t be so bad.

  3. I swear a lot of these pots trying to lead the kettles need to get somewhere and sit down. lol I agree wholeheartedly with your stance.

    I’ve said it once and I will say it again. I am SO jealous of those that sew as well as you! I still struggle with a needle and thread, lol lol lol.

  4. Preach On sister-friend…lol. The dress looks great on you and yes – I see your dress form… and that price was a definite steal. Ok – did you say you’re draping fabric on the dress form… I was watching Project Runaway and was trying to focus on the drape method… it looks challenging – Can’t wait to see the Jacket.

  5. Woooo Girl! Don’t get me started on the people CLAIMING to be Christian. I’m not even going to go there cause I’m sure I’ll be getting all sort of hate mail. I agree with you. You cant seclude yourself and the best advice is knowing YOUR strongholds.

    I’m so jealous!!!! You are so talented. You know if I could sew er’body would be getting clothes as a gift for x-mas. LOL

  6. I totally hear you with hanging out with judgmental people – it drives me crazy too. I usually end up questioning why and how I’m living my life because other people are telling me it’s “bad” and un-Christ-like. We all get judged in the end, and we shouldn’t be judged by our peers until then.

    Have a great week!
    p.s. did you have a visitor over the weekend?

  7. There is always something going on with the churchfolk isn’t it. We all have our weaknesses and beliefs. I just pray for all and keep moving.

    Love the dress! It’s really cute! I can’t wait to see your jacket. I wanna drape something! LOL!

  8. Girl…you know…Jesus turned water into wine…so why can’t Christians have a little sip her and there…the problem is when you do it in excess. I feel you…no MAN can tell me how to leave my life. Yes you go to church to fellowship and to be fed…but as Christians sometimes we overstep our bounds.

  9. Love that wrap dress, I will add that pattern to my wish list. As for judgemental Christians, I’m a near agnostic who lives in an atheist wannabe world so I only encounter judgemental christians vicariously through my cousin and her stories reflect yours.

  10. Yes it all about balance.You have to watch the ones that are always judging others!
    You dress look great!I love the color!Looks fabulous on you!

  11. hey girl! i have been mia for a while but will be back soon. I had to move, and I am buried in adoption paperwork. And, unfortunately, we lost my husbands mother in november. I hope to update my blog this weekend so check me out.

    Anyway, love the dress! I want a dress form! Maybe I will ask Santa for one!

  12. I believe the statement goes “You can be IN the world but not OF the world.” Folks like that kill me too. I may be late, but I see you got a dress form! That jacket looks like it’s gonna be hella cute. My measurements are… lol

  13. Gurl I am so behind on blog reading!

    Saw the dress on EE 1st :op Love it!!

    And now you can throw away your duct tape dressform!! :oD

  14. What a cute dress! I love that. And I have to agree with you about Christianity…I’m not going to get all on my soapbox but I agree.

  15. You make me wanna sew!! Sometimes I wish I could make my own clothes, stuff I know I’ll like and will fit! Or at least be able to make adjustments on clothes that don’t quite fit right.

    Anyways, I feel you on the free time after school is done. I’m so giddy!! I don’t know what I’mma do with myself.

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